Fibregalss resin ACTIVATOR - can I use it undiluted?

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Fibregalss resin ACTIVATOR - can I use it undiluted?

Post by Downunder35m »

I still have a good amount of resin and glass mats around but thanks to the unforgiving weather all the little actovator bottle have dried out.
Turns out the stuff costs an arm and a leg if you want to buy just some spare activator bottles around here.

As it is no problem (for me) to make the activator myself:
Do I have to dilute it down with these hard to obtain chemicals or is there an alternative?
I am aware of the handling issues by the way.
What comes in these little bottles is diluted with up to 60% of these stabilisers.
Makes measuring and mixing the right amount a bit tricky, so if there is something like good old acetone or such that can be used to dilute then please let me know.
Same if this sort of dilution could be used to get a longer working time without compromising the final product.
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Re: Fibregalss resin ACTIVATOR - can I use it undiluted?

Post by liquidhandwash »

It's not that expensive, ... r_p1560662
There is a link to the datasheet it looks like its got hydrogen peroxide in it that might be a good place to start.
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Re: Fibregalss resin ACTIVATOR - can I use it undiluted?

Post by Jack A Lopez »

I am going to guess the product that Liquidhandwash gave us a link to, I am guessing that can be found at Bunnings stores all over the continent.

Regarding the activator, that you do not mention by name, if you feed its name to Wikipedia, there is an article for that named chemical, ... e_peroxide

Anyway, I think you want to have this organic peroxide dissolved in something, because the pure, solid, crystaline form, is explosive... sensitive to friction and shock.

It would also be handy if the solvent was also mixable with the uncured polyester resin, since it needs to be mixed into that.

An alternative might be benzoyl peroxide.

The reason I am guessing that might work is because "benzoyl peroxide" was mentioned in the Wiki articles for "Polyester Resin"

and "Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide." Also the Wiki article for "Benzoyl peroxide" says it is "poorly soluble in water but soluble in acetone, ethanol, and many other organic solvents."

I remember Benzoyl peroxide from when I was a teenager, because it was (probably still is) the active ingredient in a lot of acne remedies.

The easiest thing to try, is just mixing the acne cream into the uncured polyester resin. I am guessing you do not need that much, and the actual volume needed would be roughly what it was for the MEK-peroxide based activator.
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