Should we buy Refurbished gadgets ?

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Should we buy Refurbished gadgets ?

Post by williamsheikspare »

In 2022, the Trend is diverting itself towards refurbished items, Due to the excessive amount of plastic. The world planned to recycle the waste plastic and regenerate gadgets.
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Re: Should we buy Refurbished gadgets ?

Post by Orngrimm »

I would love to buy refurbished items if they match my usecase.
Right now, i would be in the Second-Hand/Refurbished/Repaired marked for a NEMA17, accompanying driver, an Arduino Mega2560, an old Hotend (Volcano-style if possible, but i take any)...

I feel the lack of proper widespread acceptance of repair instead of throwing away and buying a repaired second hand item instead buying a new one from amazon or Aliexpress
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Re: Should we buy Refurbished gadgets ?

Post by liquidhandwash »

I Only buy broken cars, fix them up and use them to I can no longer find parts. I have noticed the newer the car the harder they are to repair, and find parts which is disappointing.
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