The magic of magnets

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The magic of magnets

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There are stories out there that give our first really utilised magnets an almost mythcal character.
Nothing more than a weird sticky stone until someone discovered that in the right shape and placed on a flot it would always point in the same direction.
The magnetic compass was born and changed the world.

Later we discovered that magnets can produce electricity if a conductor passes through a magnetic field.
This got us electric motors and generators.
As a result the industrial revolution was possible.

Now we start to use magnets for fusion reactors and more stuff that we need to understand things like quantum mechanics and how the universe was formed.
Without our knowledge of magnets and megnetism we would have CT or MRI scans to help our doctors save lifes.

But what else is there that we might have missed, overlooked or still need to discover when it comes to magnets?
Magnetic suspension systems are already used in cars, we have levitating trains going almost as fast as commercial planes...
So we do get some nice ideas here and there, but it seems they only build up on the principles of motors and the most basic magnetic forces.

Once we go outside the mainstream science box however there seems to be no limit for the ideas of creators, hobby scientists and all sorts of weirdos.
There we can read and see things like Rodin coils, spinning mangets and machines claiming to only work on the power provided by permanent magnets.
For obvoious reasons the "real" science community not only dislikes this, they actually ignore or even fight this approch.
Mind you though that mainstream science wouldn't have a clue about magnets at all if backyard hobby scientists with no clue wouldn't have pointed to their discoveries over the centuries.
So what is real, what is fake, what is a hoax when it comes to science and inventions based on just permanent magnets?
A really good question as it seems this line gets blurred more and more.
Things considered to be a hoax and impossible just 20 years ago are now part of real world science projects.
Other, often really simple things claimed to be nonsense were used as well once discreditation was impossible through "real" science.
We don't hear or read much about these slight shift but they happen all the time.

One of the most exiting hoaxes turned real science IMHO is what came from the Rodin coil.
It was not really a invention, not even anything of use.
A coil would more or less onto a donut in a similar fashion to creating a carbon fibre ring.
A sherical magnet placed inside this coil and the coil fed with AC makes the magnet ball spin like crazy.
The idea of vortex energy was born, or to precise: taken from just theory into somewhat reality.
If vortex math came after this discovery or existed before is not that clear.
Fact it that it got a huge boom and is now widely accepted in mainstream science.
Does not really mean we actually understand it.
All we do right now is trying to find mathematical way to explain what experiments showed us.
Quite the oppsite aproach to what science usually does.
Look it up if you like and form you own opinion.

Going back a bit more in time and we can see a pattern of inventions based on permanent magnets that never made it anywhere.
In fact many hobby scientists claiming to hae made breakthroughs that could not be discredited just vanished from the earth's surface, at least so it seems.
Going deep into the secret vaults of magnetism we can find invention that (claimed to have) created electrical energy directly from the earth's magnetic field.
Other scientists invented machines that (claimed to have) defied our known laws of physics.
And quite lot was just discarded as really no one could see any use in certain inventions.
The funny thing is that in the following decades many patents that were filed expired and were "collected" by big companies.
So what really happened to those inventions and their inventors?
We will never know for sure but we can still try to explore what they did!

This topic shall be for all those tinkering with magnets and trying to understand their "magic" while not always trusting real science.
You want to build a working magnet motor? Be my guest!
You made some great discovery you think was not discovered before and want to share it? Post about it and let everyone talk about it here.
Exposed a really good hoax? Why not show us how you did it and what your conclusion are?
Science often means experimenting.
It also often means you need to think out of the box and simply accept things until you fully understand them.
Magnets are much more that what we make out them currently and what we use them for, so let us explore and do science once again the way it all started!
Let's be curious and open minded and experiment again insteatd of trusting what we learned in school....
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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