Silent killers we take for granted....

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Silent killers we take for granted....

Post by Downunder35m »

In recent years you probably noticed that the overall health of us human beings seems to go down the drain quicker than usual.
And of course there is a flood of people blaming it all on those Covid vaccines.
Isn't it a bit funny how all those early claims that would have meant seeing incitement charges today are seen as evidence and not not misinformation?

We learned a lot from the pandemic but it seems we still fail to make use of we learned from all the misinformation and false facts that were based on misleading and falsified data.

For how many times in the past 5 or 6 decades did we get hear how this or that is beneficial for us, other health, our crops, water supplies or what not ?
Right! About as many times as we heard years later how bad it is actually is for us and our environment.
Today I would like to start a little series on these well known silent killers, starting with Flouride.

Some might know that flouride compounds are often considered to be very chemically stable.
Means they are not easily affected or compromised by other chemicals.
A few might also know that some flourine compounds are highly reactive, like how they affect metal and metal salts.
The majority of people though is probably blissfully unaware that most flourine compounds, if not all, are also rather potent nerve toxins.
The problem here is that these copunds 'mimic' phosphorous compounds that are most vital for the human body to function.
Means they are able to pass through the blood brain barrier and our body has no chance to realise it use flourine instead phosphor....

Literally every single deteriorating brain condition and degradation of the our central nervous system can be created and intensified through fouride....
Be it alzheimer, parkinson, MS and whatever comes to mind.
Give some enough fouride and the person's brain will start to develop symptoms.
On the other hand our body NEEDS certain flourine compouds in the from of TRACE elements in minute doses.
And that's where the problem starts....

Most 'good' toothpastes with come with either a sodium flouride compound added or tin flouride compounds, a select few use Silver diammine fluoride.
How often you said you brush your teeth and then use a proper mouthwash that also contains fouride to keep your teeth healthy ?
You table salt usually also contains sodium flouride - because it is soooo good for your health.
And lots of our processed food come with added flouride,same many foods from our supermarket.
All this and more ON TOP of we get in flouride the natural way from un-tampered foods....
To make it worse you will find that most municipalities aslo add flouride, mostly sodium flouride to our drinking water.
And despite not even stated on the label- most bottled water has it added as well....

So how much flouride does the average and health conscious human consume in a normal week ?
No one knows and no government dares to check the levels in our bodies....
Thing is that once in your body it is rather hard to get rid of excessive levels of flourides in your body.
They take a rather long time to find a natural way to leave and with a constant fresh supply is surprisingly easy to reach toxic levels.
Problem is that like with heavy metal poisoning the bad effects take a long time to manifest.
No one, for example, dies suddenly from fourine induced renal failure....
Long before you would reach this state some doctor would fine enough false cause and ways to treat your SYMPTOMS to never bother checking for fourine poisoning....
It is not a recommended test to perform either - go figure...

Our health, beauty, food products and water are not our only fourine supplies though....
For how many years did you keep hearing for health departments and all sorts of 'advisors' how great and healthy it is to use Teflon non-stick cookware ?
And the hype for these products only started AFTER we learned how toxic flourine really is and how easy it is absorbed by human and the food they eat.
No pot or pan ever came with a warning label to let you know that you risk consuming a dangerous nerve toxin when using this stuff.
Once there were too many related class action law suits in the US again Du Pont we did not get change or real information on the problem....
Only new cookware with ceramic coatings - without stating the health effects of these either LOL

On top of all this flourine compounds were, and in many countries, still are used as pesticides and herbicides.
Not as a sole ingredient in most cases but as a 'helper' so to say.
Apart from killing a lot of good thing in and around our fields these compounds also make it into a ground water and water ways....
Toady we know about the impact and damage done but we won't disclose it and we won't make the companies and politicians responsible who made it all happen despite knowing better.
Today flourine compounds are still being added to our water, foods and health/beauty products.
We won't disclose exactly how much and where and we won't test for the levels in the population.
All we keep claiming is that these toxic compounds are good for us....
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We humans discovered that cooked meat is better they also found out that smoked meat lasts much longer.
If you also added enough salt to make the meat unsuited for bacteria to grow it is was/still is able to stay fresh for months - if stored correctly that is.
Humans discovered the preservation of foods - a way to overcome times of struggles by preserving food while we had plenty.

Today though we preserve food mostly through added chemicals - as listed on the back of the food we buy.
But what do these preservatives really do ?
Some change the acidity levels, others hinder the growth of bacteria, some prevent the oxidation and degradation of ingredients.
We have a preservative for all needs you can think of in a world where food is produced in factories....

What is good to make food look fresh and stay fresh for longer usually should be beneficial for the human....
After all, if it means we won't eat stuff that makes us sick or worse it has to be good....
On the other hand we defined strict limits of how much of these preservative can be used....
No one ever wondered why we would need limits - or did you ?
You see, preservatives break down into other things, affect our body, immune system and only too often brain functions.
They do this by messing up things in areas they should not even be able to reach.
As with most bad things a little won't harm you....
Like when you had to breathe in a cloud of smoke from your fireplace with a sudden shift of wind direction.
But stand in the smoke for a few hours per day.....
Preservatives a bit like a false hope.
We know we wouldn't need them if we would produce food the proper way but we use them anyway because they provide better profits and happier consumers.
And despite strict production limits there is no limits for a daily intake.
If too much preservative in ONE product is bad for you, than how bad would it be for your health if you really like this product and keep consuming a lot of it every day?
And how would you know if there is no requirement to list how much is actually in the food and rinks you consume ? ;)
Not that anyone would ever tell you that preservatives can do more harm than good in some cases....

Here's a nice coincidence:
The USA had severe problems with e-coli outbreaks caused by contaminated chicken products.
And while it took years to provide a working solution to the cause the story about it quite interesting and reflect on many other food issues we face.
These deadly bacteria of course entered the food chain only thanks to greed and unsanitary conditions.
But instead of addressing the causes the consumer was blamed and brainwashed to think it is the consumers duty to cook chicken hot enough to kill these deadly bacteria.
Once that failed to work and the real change happened the e-coli outbreaks went down big down, never fully though.
The fix that worked was to CLEAN all chicken meat before is being packed and shipped.
Of course this was done with preservatives and chemicals that actively kill living cells.
Still today there is NO requirement to wash these chemicals off the meat and it is still considered best leave them on to make sure that any bacteria that might still be there won't become a problem for the consumer.
All good then ?
For the e-coli problem it seems so....
On the other hand we could observe a massive increase of 'unrelated' health issues in chicken lovers.....
The first class action law suits for health damages caused by preservatives used in the chicken industry are already being sorted....

Check those ingredients on the back....
There is even apps decrypting those E numbers and letting you know what those weird chemicals you struggle to pronounce really are and do.
You might be surprised how many bad things you keep consuming without ever realising.... ;)
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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Fresh greens are good for you !!!

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We keep hearing how we should eat more fresh produce, salads and such....
And on paper it all seems great and fine....
You get most vital minerals, trace elements, vitamins, proteins and more....
These days just eating greens however isn't goo enough - it has to be 'organic'....

It comes comes down to where and greens come from how they are being farmed....
Organic only means less or no artificial chemicals, fertilisers, herbicides and such are used.
It does not mean though these things are not used during the crops from one harvest to putting in new seeds ;)
And it certainly does not mean that organic is always a better choice either.
Why is that ?

It starts with the loose definition of what is and what isn't 'organic' in terms of being used to grow crops, care for them or prepare the soil/pipes for the hydroponics.
For example all those base fertilisers you find your garden centre are 'organic' - because they come in a form that plants can directly utilise.
And even if you won't use any of such things and go with manure and such - it does not mean the product that comes out of the ground is healthy....

Many of our organic producers started on traditional fields for their crops - they just changed how they operate them.
So things that linger in the ground for year or in some cases forever are still in there, still go into the product...
Many of our food bowls also use reclaimed or recycled water.
But we only ever test for things OUTSIDE sources clearly identified as the cause of people dying.....
No need to test for heavy metals in the soil or water used, no need to test for well known chemicals of the harmful or toxic kind either.
No one ever is actually responsible for anything until enough people die.
Then and only then we see change IS possible but we still strictly limit it to one chemical or concern at a time - if if the test result show several areas of of concern - go figure.
Is it then a surprise to see how all responsibility is handed down to the next in line ?
"We checked and it was fine, so if you want to claim otherwise you have to test things on your end properly!"
And all the affected consumer ever gets is a food recall LOL
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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Seafood and fish anyone ?

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Where farmed meat is bad enough farmed fish and seafood often tops it all.

We no longer rely on local sources, our 'fresh' seafood and fish comes literally from all over the world.
Thailand is still a big favourite, same for Alaska.
Now why would there be any issues with fresh fish and seafood ?
Farming freshwater is done in two ways:
Big ponds and indoor pools or right in some natural river.
Both rely on a constant supply of fresh water.
But the former has the benefit of being able to at least filter and clean a good deal of the water to keep the refreshments limited.
In the river you literally go with the flow.

The consumer does not know whether the fish, crab meat or whatever comes from NATURAL or artificial sources.
Ocean fresh for example has no meaning at all - it is a catchphrase, like 'happy chicken' on the box with the eggs.
Stating WHERE it was caught is of no use either because the majority is processed ON LAND while on board the fish and such is just frozen.
And mussels, crabs, oysters, fish, the lot can and is farmed more often than caught in the wild.
Our oceans and rivers are far from being clean and in pristine condition.
And even if at the time of being caught the water is top - what about those years the fish needed to grow, what about the food it ate, what about all the things building up in the fish that we later consume.....

Farming comes with drugs.
Now imagine some farm up the river struggles with some bacterial outbreak on their fish....
Shortly after the farms further down face the same issue.
And of course they all need to treat this properly....
Over wondered how give a fish meds ???
Right - you toss them in the water and hope for the best.
In a river it means a constant supply....
With everyone having to it those further down automatically get the highest concentrations....
Parasites are even worse as they can be VERY hard to treat and many of them can survive our normal cooking routines.

Of course we make sure nothing bad even lands in our fish- or supermarkets.....
Who or what is responsible ?
Literally everyone and no one....
It goes like this:
Whoever farms or catches is responsible for freshness and quality but also that nothing harmful makes down the line.
Thing is that the required standards come down to where the company is registered, WHO operates it and what legislations and regulations in said country are actually existing and enforced.
For example if the country has no regulations in regards to what drugs and chemicals can be used than no one down the line will be any wiser.
Next in line is the EXPORTER.
These companies are also supposed to check the product that comes in and the product that goes out.
The first according to local standards, the later according to the IMPORTERS standards.
Checking and testing costs time and money.
Needless to say that neither EXPORTER nor IMPORTER are keen on paying these costs.
And so 2 ton of fish that come in get a hand full of samples checked to declare the entire lot as PASSED.
What is checked and tested is limited to what the law requires....
Of course once the stuff arrives at the destination country someone will do the proper checks ....
Well, no....
You see, it already start with the problem of freshness - any delay reduces the quality and of course no one will pay for those losses...
Means the inspectors first go with the provided and required paperwork to check the origin and tests/checks performed.
Whatever was already done won't be done again....
And whatever might still be required is done the same way - a few quick samples and off you go....

Problem is that we not only know where in the world the worst offenders are and what brands they supply.
We also know the majority of the offending chemicals, drugs, heavy metals, hormones and so on.
Every year we can find stories about how someone found some problem with our 'fresh' seafood and fish....
Be it insanely high levels of antibiotics in salmon from Alaska, E-Coli (not the deadly strain but still) levels in shrimp 5 times the legal limit, drugs known to cause birth defects in fish from Thailand - and the list just keeps going and going....
And those exposing the problems are never related to any health department, government of those involved in the business - go figure....
Does this mean those RESPONSIBLE would see any consequences, let alone provide a positive change to keep consumers safe ?
Hell no! That would mean having to admit failure and we can't allow that....
So year after year we stick to same outdated and constantly failing measures to provide the highest standards and highest quality to the consumer.....
So year after year people get sick for the same reasons while their cases are silenced.....
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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Fast food LOL

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Ok, no need to state that fast food isn't on any list with healthy food....
But while we know all about the sugar, sodium, preservatives and artificial crap added we don't really know how it all comes together...

Take the all time favourite - the burger....
The bun, as just that, could not legally be sold as bun.
It would have to be sold as confectionery due to the excessive sugar content.
The sauces face a similar issue - mostly sugar with lots of salt added.
Then of course those flavours - which are NEVER specified properly to identify them.
What else do we need - the meat of course....
Bacteria mostly contaminates meat while being cut and sliced.
INSIDE the fresh meat are no bacteria....
They enter through the processing.
A good steak start with high heat to seal the juices in - it also kills the bacteria that might on the outside of the meat.
Grinding it up though mixes all the bacteria that might be on the outside somewhere with all else - a perfect breeding ground.
And who really knows where the meat came from, who it was handled and stored along the long way into your burger - was it really properly frozen since day one ??? ;)
That slice of cheese ?
Again stuffed with sodium so it melts better and provides the right taste...
The salad we already had above and as we know it comes ready to go in bags and how our fast food giant won't really care how long the crap is kept in the bowls along the production line.
More often than not they are topped up - with the old crap staying in to contaminate the added greens....

Did you know that we had to force the fast food giants to adhere to proper cooking temps and times ??
Did you know that we reduced the cooking temps for many things after this success because of cancer concerns ?
Remember how your fries turned from crispy and light brown to always pale and soggy right away ?
Cooking them at 185 degrees Celsius or above made it happen and the customer happy....
Today around 160 to 165 is the max and cooking times are reduced as well.
No big deal for the fries but the crumbled and covered meat products going into fryers suffered the same fate....
Just hot enough and long enough to cook the meat but avoiding the outside to go dark the natural way.
Today we get the right level of dark brown by adding sugars to the coating....

With all designed for factory production it is no surprise that the industry makes their own standards.
With that the exclusion of food inspectors along the line that are not on company payrolls.
Made possible through statements showing they are in line or above the official food standards - samples will suffice to verify....
'We have the highest standards in the world!' - around 30 countries keep making the same claim year after year while they all fail LOL
And the same high standards make sure those random inspections some authorities still try won't find anything.
You can't just walk into a processing factory, not even as an inspector....
There is forms to be filled out, PPE to be added and usually a rather long way from here to there....
From finally someone opening the gate to making it onto factory floor an inspector usually need at least 20 minutes - a lot can be fixed and made to disappear in the 20 minutes....
Whatever the inspector might still complain about needs of course be rectified ASAP.
If that can't be done while the guy is there it means a follow up - an ANNOUNCED one.
Needless to say that inspectors are deeply impressed when they do these follow ups LOL

Big health issues from contamination or bad handling are rare in the fast food industry these days.
But we still face the issue that bad things keep happening and that they get away with it.
Like when it was found that their fancy beef from Argentina had hormones levels 12 times the legal limit...
Or how they constantly exceed the allowed holding times for their ingredients, be it meat, fresh or chilled....
Buyer beware....
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
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A good and clean clean smells fresh and clean...

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For many people these days a home is something almost sterile...
No tolerance for dust, let alone a smell...
And so we not just clean the heck out of everything, we do it with the right scent.
Which often means scented candles, diffusers, humidifiers and what not....

Everyone know how certain scents are calming or relaxing, how other can help with your flue and more.
SOME people also found out that their pets are sick more often than what they should or what can be explained....
An awful lot of what, for us humans, is a great smell can be painfully bad, even fatal for a pet.
I won't go into the long list of offenders here as I think pet owners should actually learn those things if they want to be responsible pet owners....

But WHAT makes our homes smell so nice ?
Many smelly things come in the form of oils.
There isn't many scents left in nature that work without some type of oil as their medium.
Even without this medium some still provide a vibrant smell, like sandalwood and such.
For home use though we seem to no longer really care HOW the smell gets around as long as it does....

It is often rather complex molecules that provide the base of a scent.
And as with all molecules they can and will break down.
Even if they don't before entering your system that won't necessarily mean they come without harm.
Natural rose oil once was worth small fortunes, today you get it in fragrance shops for a few bucks per bottle.
Made possible by creating the natural molecule in the lab - identical to the real thing - where it matter for the smell...
Other natural oils would be far too potent if not diluted....
On top of that we have an endless list of artificially created scents....

Take something that is a favourite for some and unbearable for others - tea tree oil....
Highly toxic for most pets and if a human would ingest it thing would go ugly as well.
And that stuff usually comes fully natural and undiluted because we have no issue growing plenty of these trees...
Apart from the many benefits tea tree oil shares a feature with something many people have in their gardens...
These ornamental cypress hedges and bushes....
Some say they smell beautiful during spring, others get a bad headache quickly....
If a smell can give you a bad headache, then what can it do to you ....
Like most things smells and scents come with limits.
Both in terms of short term and in terms of long term exposure.
We all know that you can't the stink in the sewers, but once you are in for while you stop smelling it - we got used to it.
So what really happened here?
Our brain created a warning not to enter - by making you wanna puke once your head got close to the sewer opening...
But then you made your brain accept that you ignore it and take the risk anyway...
ALL smells and scents can do this and all of them create changes in your body.
Sadly we never really know what else was added to provide us this nice smell and how much of it would be too much.

Did you never wonder how you went from being happy with a clean house to only being happy when your home also smells right ? ;)
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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No matter where we look these it seems there is only stop and go traffic.
All major cities are in constant gridlock.
And all those cars and trucks provide a constant flow of harmful toxins....

Do you remember how e all checked these pollution levels in the 90's because we were so concerned and wanted to do better?
We even had pollution warnings with the weather forecast.
All this vanished despite today's pollution levels being even higher.....
We can see how city dwellers are usually less healthy than their rural counterparts.
And we compensate with nice parks right next to a busy freeway and such great ideas.
Making the people to go and enjoy the provided patch of nature while in reality just inhaling exhaust fumes.

Everyone knows how bad those fine particles are and how these various oxides harm our climate....
But did you ever see the rear end of a modern petrol car on a cold morning?
While the engine and exhaust are still warming up the love to drip from their exhausts....
Condensation obviously, meaning water - REALLY though ? ;)
Even tried a PH test strip on those drops coming out of your cold car ? ;)
There is a reason your exhaust corrodes from INSIDE to the outside because those drips are quite acidic...
Once the engine and exhaust is warm these acids come out as hot fumes, to later combine with water and rain down everywhere.
With the water they turn back into these corrosive acids, the same happens when you breathe the crap in.
In those tiny amounts though it is mostly a slight irritation and nothing to worry about.
After how many days, weeks, months, years does constant slight harm through slight rust turn your car into scrap ?
How long for your lungs and what they provide to your body ?

And what about your tires?
What a shame you have to keep replacing them all them time when worn down - but do you worry where this rubber ended up ? ;)
We see burnouts and break lines on our roads but not even in our storm water we find the missing rubber from our tires.
Most of it will never really break down by natural means and is so fine it lands everywhere like fine dust.
On the plants, the ground, the skin, the roof, everywhere.
And it is not just natural rubber that goes into our tires....
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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Re: Silent killers we take for granted....

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We now had quite a few examples to wonder about....
And we can already see a clear pattern emerging.
Those in charge now the problems, the danger but won't act.
Those responsible for putting us at risk or in harms way won't care and change unless forced to.
And all this we could simply explain away with greed and the never ending hunger for profits.

We, as in our government, fix problems by building higher chimneys so someone else has the problem.
No matter where we look we find a government run thing dealing with it, be it health, food safety, energy, whatever.
And they all spend many million per year on studies and reports to improve things.
But change only ever happens once enough people suffered for long enough and enough people died.
Then this change always comes with objections and excuses from the offenders....
A system created to be so complex and so full of individual controls that there is no chance to provide a common ground.
For the simple matter of food safety most countries use at least 5 different organisations from producer to consumer to keep things safe - with no one ever acting.

Change never happens over night, not even fast...
But how many decades of the always same does it take to see that what we do follows a plan and system ?
A system desinged to cater for the profits and control but not for the people and their health....
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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When it comes to supplements we already know that this a multi billion market with insane profit margins.
Just take those pills so many people 'need' to treat their iron deficiency.
Between 8 and 40 !! bucks per plastic bottle of 50 or so pills.
Inside though just Iron Sulphate, created by the reaction iron in sulphuric acid and about as cheap to produce as table salt.

Over 50?
Well you better take these dedicated supplements then so you make it to 55 if you are lucky.
And pay attention, will you as there is male and female versions.
Bad luck if you identify as one of the other 30 odd genders.... ;)
You get the right amount of all the vitamins, trace elements and other things, so what could go wrong.....
How about your health, your life ?
Our body requires a careful balance to work properly and we provide this balance through our diet.
Zink, Calcium, Magnesium and so much are all vital for us...
But most also come with limits and having to much of them in your system upsets the balance, or worse harms you badly and slowly without you knowing.
Why do think it always says CAN but never DOES or WILL on the pack ? ;)
You might have had a doctor putting you on some supplement for a reason but most just buy them over the counter without any worry about actually knowing if they need them or if they could be do more harm than good.

Long term use of anything comes with getting used to it, supplements are no different.
Our body uses what it needs and disposes of the rest - or so we think....
An ongoing too much of something always means your body has to deal with it somehow.
And by far not all supplements are passed out unused ...
Some keep building up, some are absorbed, others cause issues we can't really link to supplements because no one ever checks....
Let's put it this way:
If your soup just needs a little bit more salt.
Do you add a pinch of salt or do you grab the universal seasoning until it provides enough salt ? ;)
You do the same nonsense when taking supplements for no medical reason at all....
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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Re: Silent killers we take for granted....

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With all this and so much more we have to wonder about responsibilities....

It seems clear that if someone or some company harms people that things need to happen.
So we provided laws, regulations, authorities and god knows what more to provide 'oversight'.
It is a bit like providing a dedicated tool for every possible part of the job while a simple saw and hammer would do just fine.
Only that none of these tools will ever cut anything or drive any nail in....

Imagine there is a company that got fined for severely pollution the local environment - big dollars I might add.
As a result the company promises to never do it again and makes sure by closing down this filthy facility for good.
But in return they build a new facility overseas where laws are less strict and the labour much cheaper - to pollute even more than ever before.
Happened all the time and still keeps happening today.

Imagine a company selling products known to contain harmful chemicals the consumer WILL be exposed to.
All is good though because we both regulate how much the manufacturer is allowed to use and how much you can be exposed to....
You supermarket is full of these products....

If all is so well regulated and controlled that all is good ?
If it would we would not have all these ongoing problems and health issues for decades in a row and with increasing negative impacts on everyone...
See it this way:
You want to make sure your diet is healthy.
And we just ignore all the above and say you go with these nutritional infos and list of ingredients on the back of the pack.
You find things like energy, sugars, fats, vitamins and such listed with daily intakes and recommendations...
You also find all sorts of thing listed in the ingredients that can't really be linked and checked.
Like how much preservative is really in it, what exact additives were added, what harmful chemicals are known to be present in certain ingredients....
If you want to find out you can only go by the order they are listed.
Goes from most to least but that's it.

If, for example, preservative X is harmless in quantity Y - then how can it be ensured the consumer won't go above the safe intake limit if the stuff is present is o many products ? ;)
If your particleboard furniture releases toxic chemicals that are acceptable under TEST conditions - how much will come out on a hot 40 degree day while your air conditioner fails ?
If you know that traffic fumes are bad for your health how do you ever know how much you inhale per day or even in your home?
If you know there is pesticides, herbicides, hormones, drugs and more used to produce our foods how do you ever know how much is in the food you consume if no one ever dares to test those foods ?
If your tap water is so pure, clean and healthy how come even the impossible to kill goldfish struggles to survive in it the bow if you rely on regular water changes rather than a proper tank ? ;)

Our environment both in terms of tiny at home and global is filled with things we don't really need and that only harm us and the environment.
Many of the offending companies trace back to the times before WW1 ....
And the same is true for all the cover ups and deception used.
Only once enough people were harmed and the law suits were big enough we saw the required attention by the press and governments.
Not that this would mean it resulted in proper action to make sure thing go better in the future.
Far too many of todays problems can be traced back to the always same reasons - greed and the hunger for control....
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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