The space race - a review from a different angle

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The space race - a review from a different angle

Post by Downunder35m »

Model rockets are a really big hobby for some people.
The term "model" often seems like a joke when you check the size and capabilities of the "toy".
And it all started with the German space program and people landing on the moon.
While our inspiration and hobby continued to grow the space rce was over already before it really took off.
Some people still wonder today why fo 5 decades we basically ignored "going out there".
All we did was to put a space station into close orbit....

To understand the space race we must go back in time a bit.
Even before the second world war we had a huge interest in space.
Some of our most famous athors, scientist and politicians from the old days were frim believers in alien life and for a long time even that there is life on Mars and Venus.
For them it was never question of IF aliens are out there, for them it was as much as a fact as water being wet.
Just because no one could prove them worng or actually go up there to check did not stop anyone.
It was almost like a religion or cult if you like.
In the 1800's it was even worse....
with our technology advancing and jet powered planes being a normal thing we never stopped reaming about space but what started the actual space race?

Rockets have been around for thausands of years - if we trust what our religions and myths write about.
But it was around 1930 that Gernam scientists finally made the breakthrough and realised that you can used a controlled and continued explosion to create thrust.
People like Von Braun and his mates but also an awful lot of normal scientists began to realise the dream to go out in space is no loner a dream.
Russia and even the USA started to develop their first crude rockets around the same time but it was the Germans who presisted and continued to improve.
Instead of trying to find other way to not make thing work in Germany people just started from scratch with better materials, more precision.
Then Germany was taken over by Hitler.....
For obvious reason going to space was not apriority on his list, not even rocket technology once the war started.
But little known historic fact: Hitler was a true geek and fanatic when it comes to what we know call "ancient technologies".
A lot of the raids and fights for areas in Africa, Poland and later even Russia were not based on military decisions at all.
Not even on his ill fated thought of a "pure race".
If we check Hitlers early involvement with the Nazi party and science in general we can't overlook what today we would call "influencers".
There is a lot of that in terms of the allies and financing Nazies but that is not the topic here today.
The influencers I mean are from a secret society known back then as the VRIL.
Problem with the Vril is that you can acutally trace them in one form or another throught our written history.
That means for all the evidence that they exist(ed) you find at least the same amount of evidence stating they are nothing more than a myth or made up story.
Pretty hard though to keep such a scam running throughout various cultures and centuries....
Unless of course there would be at least a tiny bit of fact behind all of it.
Either way, it is claimed the Vril draw Hitlers attention to ancient technologies in Asia and the middle east.
And we can at least trace some of the activities of certain Germans during the time between 1935 and 1943 in these regions.
And of course just by pure coincidence history does not tell us much about, Hitler found a lot of ancient scripts, sculptures, and unexplainable things to get really, really curious.
Some still say Germans advances in technology during Hitler's regime were just based on force, determination and the war goals.
But no one is able to explain how technologies were developed in a timeframe that even our modern scientist won't be able to ome up with a feasable theory, let alone a prototype....
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
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Re: The space race - a review from a different angle

Post by Downunder35m »

If we continue to dig deep we find things like the Vimara, the Repulsine but also "basic" things like the delty wing configuration for jet fighters.
Mind you that back then things like a wind tunnel were not really a thing...
But somehow the Nazie scientists always seemed to have a head start on things....
Looking deep into Hitlers little documents relations with the Vril we can find that he had certain "advisors" he consulted with on often very irregular shedules.
One "incident" is reported, or claimed to have drawn Hitler away from a meeting and it ulitmately resulted on heavy losses on the Russain front.
The claim is the Vril no only provided hints on where to find usable information on ancient technologies but also on how to interpret them.
In 1936 a UFO is claimedto have crashed in the the Black Forest that was quickly secured by Hitlers most trusted scientist.
This incident is also claimed to have have "introduced" him to the Vril society.
So why do I point it out so badly here?
Operation Paperclip ;)

Keep in mind that the allied forces not only financed an awful lot of Nazie Germany, directly or indirectly to almost the bitter end...
The also relied on what became know as inflitrators and spies.
High ranking Nazie offcials and often even scientist somehow managed to get married to the "enemy".
Of course all those man and women were declared trustworthy by the Nazies....
Despite having more than enough reason and option to combine forces and end the war with Germany, the USA was busy with Japan, Russia had no trust to anyone and well, the UK was only really worried once the V2's came flying, till then they were only too hapy to use The City Of London to finance Hitler.
Why all this political horse manure, why the secracy, why the denial even decades later?

If you check the final times of the Nazies you will notice certain "anomalies"...
Many high value military tragets were constantly "missed or overlooked" by the US forces.
Quite a few well know secret installations were never even targeted.
Apart from those related to what we know today as "fringe science" the list of always missed target also includes those places where scientists did only theroretical work.
But also all known locations of the famous IBM computers and punch card depots used to track and catalogise the jews.....
With the Nazie's almost defeated the US forces developed a very strong sense to take over these locations without causing too much damage and without harming any scientists or civilians in those compounds....
Project Paperclip officially claimed ot have a sole fucos on EXISTING Nazie technology and everything that could make Germany an enemy again in the future.
It is that last bit that got my attention....

The list of people aquired and declared US citizens under the cover of Operation Paperclip is long....
The list of people who ended in the German space program and our moon landings is suprisingly short though....
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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Re: The space race - a review from a different angle

Post by Downunder35m »

What really happened to all those unknown people not involved in the space race directly?
From what I could dig up they mostly, if not all ended up in private companies that more or less exclusively work for the government or military in the US.
And that is where the trails end, or seem to end....
There is a lot of documentation about the German space program and the involved scientists, even for the atom bomb you find them listed by the dozen.
But the inofficial trail of the lost people and scientist from Project Paperclip did not end so aprupt.
If we compare the long list of experiments Nazie Germany did and what resulted from it in terms of prototypes and new technologies we can see a break of a few years and then the same areas see a great revivial through US companies.
Checking or comparing latest prototype desings of the big manufacturers for aviation shows remarkable similarities with Nazie projects in the early development stages during the war.
Even the famous Black bird and B52 have almost identical looking twins in old Nazie studies.
Remarkable for the B52 "clone" is that the German scientists back then noted that the design is superior but without further advances in automated flight controls impossible to fly....

The list of coincidences in technological development is very long.....
What is not though is the lis of Nazie technologies that were deemed by The Führer himself to be of great importance for the German race....
Sounds cracy, I know, but then again by then he was already bad drug addict without a clear moment left....
Funy thin though once we check what Hitler was so badly interested in and claimed it would secure the future for Germany forever....
Through the Virl he learned that there is several fractions "uo and out there".
Also that only the ones wise and powerful enough can stand up to their jusdgement once they dare to challenge them.
We all know he wasn't wise....
And so he focussed on getting his hands on things originating from all the fractions out there, with no regards to religion, ulture, age of relics or what ever.
The few things that escaped the US and Russian clean up operations reveal that Nazie German already theorised successfully about ION drive technologies, spin gravity for space stations and even fully self contained habitats.
Now: Why the heck would some crazy and abused child from Austria decide to start a war all over Europe if the real goal is to go up to the stars???

It is the drive for knowledge....
If you know or at least think you know that aliens exist and that they are even crashing here on earth every now and then: Wouldn't you wonder WHY they crashed in the first place???
A small craft can't come from outer space and even if it did, there wuld be no chance it would fail when getting close to earth.
And a great deal of reported UFO crashes seemed to have happened without any of our military interfering....
Hitler was bad and mostly insane but he he was also claimed to have been guide by the Vril - a race claimed to be anything but human....
A "united and clean" race and world domination, in his crazy view, would have meant being able to reach the final goal.
And that goal had nothing to with with what history books tell us about Hitler or the Nazies in general.
It was knowledge.
Technology was only the way to use or understand what was found in ancient texts and through an awful lot of "out of the box thinking".
Today we see "free energy" as the biggest scam and youtube hype ever, for Hitler it was a reality that only needed to be utilised....
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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Re: The space race - a review from a different angle

Post by Downunder35m »

Our space race ended rather violently.
Several rockets in the making, two of them in the final preparation stages fro future moon missions.
More than enough astronauts waiting in line to set foot on the moon and make a big difference for mankind....
And the it all stopped with no explanation that makes sense in ay way.
For a few years being the first to get onto the moon and back was a race between Russia and the US.
The cold wars is closely related to the space race.
Sputnik send shockwaves through the world.
But the German space program came to the rescue and we got our first man on the moon.
Russia was out, no point in doing again what the US did, no use even trying anymore....

But what happens if we bring the formerly very secret findings of the less documented moon missions in realtion with the cold war?
By pure coincidence the cold war started with the realisation that not all is what it seems to be when it comes to the moon.
That it won't spin is odd enough, but once NASA confirmed it is actually hollow the cold war really took off.
The Apollo program ended as said aprupt but if we take what former astronauts revealed over the decades and what they simply still refuse to even talk about you con't help but wonder....
The cold war between Russia and the US eneded quite a while ago but despite that the US had no official interest in going back to the moon.
Obama even said one day something very similar to the common phrase "Been there, done that, let's move on...."

Almost every capable country, icluding India is doing what they can to figue out how to explore or how to exploid the moon.
China rocked the world when publishing highly detailed images taking by probes orbiting the moon, the even claim to have landed and taken samples multiple times.
Initially claimed to be just another hoax from the communist regime it turned out the claims were not only true but more importantly: The US did not even notice the launch and missions - at least not officially.
But right after it was public knowledge the US declared a new race to the moon.......

And why suddenly claim it is best if we all work on it?
Meaning all US allies....
I wondered about this for a very long time....
After all we know from our ancient tribes about the times before we had a moon.
We know as a fact that it has to be hollow with it's center of gravity facing earth.
The logical conclusion must be that if not created fuly artifically then at least it had to be placed into this impossibily stable orbit and hollowed out later.
Either way it means technology far above anything we could comprehend now was involved.
Now the big question:
If the hollow moon and placement theory would be correct how unlikely would it be find any reamins of the ancient technology inside the moon???? ;)
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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Re: The space race - a review from a different angle

Post by Downunder35m »

Now that I got you wondering a bit (I hope) : Where does D.I.Y come in here and why do I bother to write all of this?

Imagine that only a fraction about all the things above would be actual fact.
Then where does the main drive come from to make it happen and keep going?
It is people able and willing to leave the contraints of mainstream science behind them, allowing them to at least consider that things preserved for often thausands of years are NOT what archeology claims them to be.

Think about it this way:
If I claim a ball is round and resembles a sphere then you most likely would agree.
Making the claim in let's say Australia would get you raised eye brown because in the great land downunder a ball is a footy, and nothing near being the ball in you imagination ;)
And the same is true for many other things, even combine with lies and secrecy.
Take Edison and the lighbulb....
With the ending of the second world war we also ended our way of seeing science and learning.
Instead of trying to figure out the impossible we simple found more and more ways to simply declare them impossible and to discourage people from even thinking about it.....

We got long forgotten words of B.F. Skinner making a comeback in modern forms of progressive education and politcal correctness.
Our schools use techers as co-parents now to ensure they get on the right path in life.
History is tought in school from the winner's side only....
Technological advances or just totally new technologies no longer happen in some garage or shed because we no longer even try....
Instead it is big corporations "surprising" us with always new things.....
We turned from being real explores and open minded into pre-defined and shaped copies....

WE, in you, me and everyone else with a love to tinker and think our of the box might be out of the scape race but that does not mean we are left out.
Despite what history books try to tell us, German scientists and individuals did not make all these advances during the Nazie time due to force and fear for their lifes....
Go ahead and try it yourself to realise the history scam here....
Just try to sing you favourite song or do some complex math while you have a deadly snake sitting on you lap....
There is no way you can force someone to be smart ;)

There might be not really much at a first glance we can learn from being a scientist under Nazie control.
But if you just look at the timeframe you have to admit that the seemingly impossible is often just a matter of dedication.
Not just for that reason anyone one the list of people for Operation Paperclip was granted full pardon for their crimes.
Even those who openly showed gratitute for being part of the genocide.....
And just look what these scientist achieved in just a few of real "freedom"....
In basically just the span of 20 years we went from an impossible dream to having people on the moon....

Start to allow yourself to go back to the true spirit of D.I.Y - allow yourself to have an open mind and to allow the impossible, the mythical and magical to the be once agian be part of your inspiration!
If you think gravity is just a form of energy we fail to undersatnd then please, don't let let the known laws of phsics stop you from expoliring you ideas!
Same for thinking that you can convert water back to hydrogen and oxygen with less energy than what you get from combining the two in any known ways.
Even if you think the wheel is not the the perfect solution you should go ahead and explore why you think there must be something better.
Technology got us a very long way in a very short period of time.
But it also made us lazy and dependent on it.
Check yourself: How much time a week do you waste staring at some screen?
How much of this time do you waste staring at a screen during your private, off work time? ;)
When was the last time you really, I mean REALLY, used your brain to do or learn something REALLY new? ;)
How many times did you think you have a great idea and shortly after gave up on because you "knew" it could not work - just because you trusted what you learned without actually ever doing it....

For some people these days just using a manual planer is a thing of utter disbelieve.
You have a wooden block with slot holing a sharp blade and somehow, if you use it correctly it does excatly the same as the expensive machine you have......
Seing someone create a nice statue or whatever from a piece of wood instef of making a a 3D model and machining it or printing it often makes us wonder how the person can carve a realisic thing in 3D just by staring at a 2D image...
It is called imagination!
The artist already "sees" what he or she can create when selecting the piece of wood.
Often the shape and grain structure make them see things that somehow make a lot of sense with this piece of wood.
We can all aloow us to let this inspiration be a part of our life again....
It is not too hard to imagine something that creates energy from thin air....
But why did we stop trying?
The same way we stopped trying so many other things....
We "know" someone already did it and "know" what is possible and what not - but do we? I mean really?
Do you still remember how many times your parents told you as a little toddler that the oven and anything is off limits?
How they told you not to play iwth matches because you can burn yourself and the the house down?
If so: Do you remember how it felt remembering why you were told all this when you burnt yourself just because just had to try it? ;)
As a little kid you did not care about what is real, what is possible, you tried anyway, often more than what is good for you - didn't you?
Go back to those times....

Go back to the basics...
What do you have to loose, I mean really?
It the worst case happens you give up and admit defeat.
But what did you learn till then?
About a thausand way that did not work LOL
And how many how these failed attmepts providided you with more insight - often in totally different areas? ;)
If you allow your imagination to go wild and refuse to take what you seem to know for granted then you might not sit in a rocket to the moon one day...
You might just press a button and be there ;)
The space race is a race about knowledge and keeping secrets, nothing more, nothing less.
So why not be a part of it by allowing yourself to do to what people did long before we had technology?
Use you imagination, make it limitless and and try to find ways to make it happen.....
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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