Deristricting the Cfmoto CF650-7 or 650MT

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Deristricting the Cfmoto CF650-7 or 650MT

Post by Downunder35m »

When I got my bike I thought that for a LAMS bike it has an awful lot of power.
Cerainly enough to get a leaner into deep troubles.
But then a again I have my license for over 30 years now, so....

Unlike the previous CF650 models there now is a proper Bosch ECU ticking under the seat, bye bye Ducati....
Now, just to be clear here: I am talking about the CF6503 model, the MT with the Bosch cf650-7 ECU.
If yours is different thinks might not work as I experienced them, so beware of this little detail.

Calling one official dealer after the other I got very mixed responses.
Most simply say that they don't have the eqippment to derestirct the bike, some say I would need a new ECU.
However, the few that are actually open to this or sell the unrestricted version alongside the LAMS bike say different things.
Appearnetly there is ECU flashing done for the LAMS bikes.
Instead they come with a throttle limiter and in some case different O2 sensors.
The actual limiting is done mostly by the TPS sensor readings and two restrictors in the air box.
With those changes the connected laptop does not a reflash but a reset of ECU parameters.
The Bosch system inside the ECU does the rest based on the fuel maps.

Ok, but I did not understand a single word....
It besically means that for the normal operating parameters the ECU already has what it needs to make the bike run at full power.

There are some downsides though that I will explain while I go along.
In most cases we want not just more power but also a new exhaust so our bike does not look like every other one.
And, no surpise, a slip on does not cause any error codes to flash on your dash.
But remove this limiter and sooner or later you see it blinking.
What happened?
The bike runs better with the slip on but also has far less back pressure now, means it can breathe out easier.
As a result the O2 sensor can't really find a suitable match and causes the eCU to go into limb home mode.
Turn the bike off for a moment or start it again the next day and enjoy awesome power once more until it starts blinking.
Now the obvious solutions it to remove the restrictors for the airbox now.
And suddenly you get even more error codes, more troubles....
Sounds familiar? LOL
Now why would fixing one issue cuase a whole heap of new ones??

Consider the fuel mapping in the ECU !
It relies on input from our sensors to provide a match.
Toss it too far either way and there isn't anything defined - hence the need for a decent re-mapping or unristricted ECU - or maybe not?
If the are not really flashed with anything to limit the power then why would we need something like a flash to get it going??
As said, there is two types of O2 sensors available to fit, if you get constant O2 errors then simply replace your AU type sensore with the standard, international one from Alibaba or so.
The "limited" O2 sensor simply won't provide an output for the higher flow rates but the fuel mapping goes a good bit further ;)
The real culprit is quite often the TPS sensor on the left side of the throttle body.
For obvious reasons it will be adjusted to best suit the little metal thingy stopping our throttle.
On the plug, if you look at it while connected to the sensor, the left wire is ground, the middle one is your signal.
With the ignition on and the throttle at idle you should get a reading of 0.4 to 0.65 Volt here.
At full throttle you should not get more than 3.4 Volt!!!
Ideally you want 0.4V at idle and just around 3.2V at full throttle.
Like that your ECO should no longer throw out error codes.
If you start this procedure while already having ongoing error codes it is best to diconnect the battery for a while and to start from scratch.
Don't scream!!! I mean by only allowing ONE mod to be present when you start the bike up ;)
If that does not give you errors on a test ride go ahead, otherwise keep returning to stock until the rrors are gone or until you found the faulty sensor!!

How do I adjust the TPS senosor if I can't match both end values?
Again, keep the fuel mapping in mind!
How does the TPS readin correspond to the fuel mix?
Right! The more you open the throttle the more fuel you get.
And that ratio MUST match what the O2 sensor reading provide.
If any of these three values go outside specs in the fuel mapping, trouble will follow.
So if in doubt prefer a richer mix at the top end over one that is too lean.
You can get away with wasting fuel but not with exceeding operating temps in your cylinder and head ;)
A few possible examples to make the decision easier:
I means idel, F means full throttle for the gas grip ;)
and the reading are in Volt of course.

I : 0.9V F : 2.8V
You have a clear problem with your TPS sensor if you have the limiter removed for these values.
I suggest to try a new TPS senors first as these values are outside of what can be adjusted.
I : 0.3V F : 3.2V
Try to adjust the sensor so you get 0.4 to 0.42V at idle.
If the full value is still below 3.4V then leave it.
I : 0.3V F : 3.4V
Here you don't want to change anthing unless you get errors.
Problem is that you will need to fiddle around for a while to check if lowering the vlaues cures the error or if you can go over the 3.4V to allow for a richer fuel mix the lower end.
Usually if you errors start when you really crank it up you want to go lower and if you get errors from idele to lower mid range you want to go up.
I : 0.6V F : 3.7V
You won't see these too often but if you do and you get no errors then be happy.
If you do get errors you should lower the values to get at least under 3.4V for full.

I think you got the general idea now.
Once this works without errors you can try to allow for you other mods again, one by one.
There is an awful lot of 650's out there that won't require a remapping or complete flash!
But if you opt for more than what the international model has by default you have to consider a remap !

Your bike was running fine and with no errors being stock standard.
This is what I always have to assume first here!
And if a simple slip on already created errors I would recommend checking if leaving the baffles and silencers in works ;)
Because if it does it means your slip on won't provide the required back pressure.
There is ways to address this but that's another topic.
So we agreed on these terms and say your trouble started after removing the limiter.
Check the TPS readings and if not within 0.4 and 3.4 adjust the seonsor accordingly, if that does give usuable readings consider replacing the sensor.
With all fine on the TPS and still errors flashing that won't stop after disconnecting the battery:
How do your O2 senors look?
If black or covered in a fine layer layer of crap please replace if your error codes indiacte overheating or O2 problems.
In case the O2 sensor is not the problem keep in eye on your temps for a while!
Getting very quickly to 90°C and under load or while having fun constantly going very high means you are running too lean.
A lot of rumbling when letting og off the trottle or even loud bangs indicate your fuel mix is far too rich in the region of RPM.
If your rich fuel issue can't be fixed over the TPM seonsor alone, and only then you should remove the restircors in the air box!
If you bike runs fine and not too rich with the restrictors in the airbox then please leave them as you have little to gain and a lot to lose.
There will be cases where some of will experience all sorts of error codes flashing when removing the throttle restriction and putting a nice slip on under.
If all is fine with the limiter in place and the TPS adjustments won't help then you know for sure your ECU is one of the few that need remapping, the majority though will get away without.

I don't thave the MT but....
As said, I can't only speak about the MT with the BOSCH ECU and this useless switch for sports and eco mode.
If you have the type 7 Bosch ECU chances are you NK, GT or wahtever will respond quite similar but I can't tell about the fuel mapping and O2 sensors.
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Re: Deristricting the Cfmoto CF650-7 or 650MT

Post by BlueCollarBaller87 »

Are you familiar with TuneECU?
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Re: Deristricting the Cfmoto CF650-7 or 650MT

Post by Downunder35m »

I looked into it but the project does not really seem to be up to specs and I couldn't find info on the newer Bosch ECU at all.
It might work fine for some ECU's but without proper documentition and info what is what in the eCU and mapping it is like poking aorund with a metal fork in a toaster.
Sooner or later you crap it.
But if you are familiar with it and know the do's and don'ts of the V7 Bosch ECU be me guest and let me know what I missed :)
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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Re: Deristricting the Cfmoto CF650-7 or 650MT

Post by Downunder35m »

Ok, I had a few nices rides since the modifications, time to update once more I guess...

Fuel economy did not change much but can't say it went up considering the open throttle situation.
Even at constant freeway or country road speeds of around 100km/h the engine performs flawless.
But that is a RPM range usually not much affected by this mod anyway, unless.....
If you have the MT you know it takes off reasonably quick for such a heavy bike, but right when you think it should really get going NOW it just craps itself out.
You hit the 6500 mark and feel the bike wants to go but then right after not much at all happens.
With the throttle limit gone the bike gets the juice required to keep going till the red line.
I must admit it still is in no way as beefy and quick as what I was used to but then again the bike over 100 horses short in the engine department....
Going onto the freeway from 60 at the start of the bend and really opening her up means you are way over the speed limit before reach 4th gear.....
Give the term "screaming slip on" a whole new meaning - my link pipe fully glowed out in the first few days.....
from rather though stianless steel inot mild steel in matter of under 300km's.... ;)
Riding with a passenger means a lot more work for the engine even if both people are under the recommended 80kg mark.
You still might want to consider to kick it down one when the freeway get a long and steep incline but you no longer feel starved off half way through.
Before it was:
In 6th gear with two people you started to run out of steam even when fully opening the throttle - sticking to the 100 limit just to give a number for comparison.
Going down one meant you had the oomph but not really so that you could make up properly from the around 85 to88km you dropped down to.
So scream it off in 4th....
Now I can just kick it down ito 5th and once I open her up she goes....

How about the power distribution?
I was expecting a bigger difference to be honest.
Either way the ECU crapping out or the engine getting too hot from a missing fuel mapping.
None of those dreaded Ducati ECU problems happened - so far at least after about 1000km.
In terms of feeling on the throttle it is like you get some smooth extra from above 6500 if you open up more that you could before.
After around 8000RPM though it is where the feeling definately changed.
The throttle response is almost instantly now above 8500RPM.
No lag anymore while you wait for thengine to cough up a little bit more.
Does it make the bike sporty now?
Hell no...
It is a heavy beast but at least you now have the extra grunt when you really need it.

Top speed?
I would say must at least around the 300 mark now by the sound of it at 10.000RPM ;)
No money to take her on the track just to find out by how much more I could break the speed limit.
Money is thight you know...

What about the RED BUTTON ?
You would expect that there is now finally a difference between sport and eco mode.
Could not find any in terms of throttle response or ride feeling.
Might have to try a fuel use comparision on a long trip one day.
One tank on eco, one on sport mode.
I doubt it provides different consumption results.
Although it is quite possible the ECU restirction, if there really is any, would be a disabled sport mode.
Sadly from riders in other countries we hear they have the problem on toally unristricted bikes from the factory.
Could not find anything from riders in California or strict EU countries.
There a functioning eco button could make a difference for emission laws and regulations.

What about further upgrades?
One thing I already miss is a second USB port, or 12V socket like you have i any normal car.
It is a pain to get the factory USB port out but I am planning on replacing it with a 4 port PD charger.
When I go on a new and long ride I don't want to worry about a missed turn off, so I use a GPS.
And sometimes I like to record a video of a tour, even if I delete it later.
So 2 USB ports are a must have.
I am not a giant but the original windscreen was just too short too keep the wind off my face.
Without the bike just looks wrong, so I mounted the big one.
Chinaware comes with a lot of things, quality and good fit isn't part of it.
A curved windscreen and aluminium mounting adapters with a flat angle just don't mix too well.
Had to cut up some rubber to acts as spacer to prevent these mounts from damiging the plastic windscreen.
Next time I need to use some silicone for mold making I will definately make some custom spacers.
The seat still troubles me.
No clue about you but I find it hard to keep the blood circulating properly on it.
Somthing softer and with a better curvature needs to be made one day as I don't want to use these seat polsters forever.
Service port adapter....
These cheap ODB service adapters are great get proper info on sensors andsuch if the play up.
Using some needles or spade connectors works for now but a proper adpapter connector is on my to do list.
Leave it under the seat and every now and then just check with the app if all is healthy, or use those great additions like Torque to record trips with lots of statistics.
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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