Is science a religion or is religion a form of science?

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Is science a religion or is religion a form of science?

Post by Downunder35m »

We have a come long was since our cave dwelling times.....
But since we really started to make progress and realises sience exists we also had religion fighting more or less hard against it.
So what do we REALLY have here?

Religion means you believe in something with any need of prove.
It also means dedication and allowing rules and restrictions to determine how good you are in your faith.
Siece seemingly goes the opposite way.
Nothing is real until we can make it ourself and use math to calculate why it works or exists.
And if we have a theory we believe it from the bottom of our heart until we actually prove it or realise we were wrong.

Looking into the origins of our modern science seems easy enough if we ignore a few things from our ancient past.
Doing the same for our most common and most dominant forms of religion however seems to be impossible.
Many tried and failed again and again.
All we got from it are weird theories and even worse conspiracies.
That is until you no longer try to make sense alone from the written remains of ancient times and their many changes fo interpretation of thausands of years.
Every religion has a story to tell.
Every religion makes references to events.
Ever religions interprets in one way or another.
The great flood from the bible appears in other religions as well.
The beginning of all things and life is written down in many variations through our religions.
But, and I admit it a BIG but:
If we ignore all this, if we see the stories of what our religions provide as just that, nice stories - then we could do what we love most.
Make up a new story about it all....
But what would actually happen if we toss all we know over board, ignore all boundaries religion imposes on us and just get the pieces together to form a stroy that includes all side equally?

I tried this now for about 30 years with various breaks of course.
I say religion is a form of science because it tells us about science happening during times we did not even know why the apple falls from tree to hit our head.....
Ignoring all the devotion, blind faith and endless ways how these "ancient" writers might have interpreted things they simply could not comprehend and we end up with someting totally different.
So what follows now might be offensive to any religious person and it might also offend all those believing in our natural evolution.
If you belong to either group please consider to stop reading and ingore this post completly.
If you are curious about yet another totally crazy theroy or just like a more less decent Science fiction story the please read on and have a good laugh at the end.

I will continue in the next post....
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Re: Is science a religion or is religion a form of science?

Post by Downunder35m »

The story of how the world came into existence - purely fictions of course and based on no "real" facts ;)

What we know from our distant past is what we explore and translate to make sense of things.
Take the pyramids all that goes along with them.
We explored in detail what might have happened and what they could do back then.
We now even know some things about how anient Aegypt worked and what the great leaders accomplished.
But did we ever actually bother to reference it with religions of that region, let alone religions from further away parts of the world ? ;)
Of course not, we wanted to know about anient Aegypt not religion....
And what is true here goes for basically everything else.
Religion always was and still is kept totall isolated from science and exploring our past.

But what if we combine the stories our religions offer?
Without judgement, without taking sides, just trying to aling them on a common timeline of events....
We could also try to limit the material by leaving out all those personal stories, the exploration of devotions and enlightenment.
What would be left with if we allows ourself to see it as a great scfi story like what our blockbusters provide every year?

I tried and here is my story of how we came to be from the time when we actually knew we exist and were able to talk about it....

We humans might have been created or we might have evolved naturally but our history only speaks of violence and experiments on us.
While we developed religion as way out "gods" were fighting their wars right above our heads and with us as colleteral damage.
These "gods" also loved to interfere as we only know too well.
From having sex with us over artifical isamiantion (virgin Mary and many more) all the way to human-animal hybridisations - it is all there in plain sight for as long as we were to write down words and toughts....
We can read how they came down on us in their flaming drgons and chaiots of fire, bringing destruction and suffering to all those who thought they could raise up against them or defeat their will.
Especially ancient Greece is full of this.
But not only that.
If we actually dare to make gods just a character in a movie we suddenly realise they were everywhere.
Many of the norse gods share character trades and even their appeareance with gods from other religions.
Many characters we know from one religion have their own story, theri own references in other religions.
Even Moses himself is referenced and linked to the ancient gods of Aegypt.
Science told us that can neither create enrgy nor that we can destroy energy, we can only utlise and transform it.
So where did all those godly powers then come from?
According to religion we have to assume the laws of physics and time have no affect on gods and their powers are "devine".
Means we have clear conflict of interest here.
One simple excludes the other.
But hey, it is all just a story, remember? ;)
What is a chariot of fire, a flaming dragon or making things go up in flames, turn into dust and more?
for us it just applied science and technology is we see it today.
A few thausand years ago we are said to have been happy knowing how to make fire and bronze....
But the gods provided not only spiritual guidance but also waepons, they created cities and had knowledge like no other.
If you are a simple farmer back 2000 or so years ago and a modern thing like these Xspace rockets lands in your field - how would you explain it try to make sense of it? ;)
And if someone would land orbiter one in town center and someone in a space walks out being happy to have survived an unplanned crash landing? ;)
Conspiracy theorists love to refer to gods as aliens from outer space.
Their technology had to come from somehwere so o course they have come from star far far away.
And we still hear fresh stories about aliens beaming you and perfoming a medical, UFO sightings that no one can explain can be silenced anymore since literally everyone has camera ready to shoot in the pocket these days.
But as some might already know I simply love to see and explore things differently.

Why should gods be aliens from outers space fighting wars over our heads ???
Science showed us that in order to reach the nearest star with a possible earthe like atmosphere is way out of our reach for now.
So anyone coming from there for thausands of years would have to how far ahead os us???
Now, how many extiction level events do we know about from our past?
How many years passed bewteen them and how much do we really about things before each of these events?
Only what we dig up or find in the jungle....
Just take our all time favourites, the dinosaurs - how much time passed since the got wiped out?
How much of us, our great cities and technological maravls would still be there if we stopped to exist today and someone checks in afte a few million years? ;)
If we trust what some people refer to as fringe science then our planet had enough chances to develop at least 6 civilisations with more time to evelove than we had so far....
And there wouldn't be much left of any of it for us to find today.
Now, we already know how we abused our planet and how we see it as urgent to leave our planet behind and explore the stars.
But why do we want to get "out there!" so desperately and without knowing where we have to go to?
We know that many of our ancient cultures had and still preserve knowledge about stars and constallations we were only able to discover through telescopes in space.
And knowledge does not just appear in head out of nowhere.
If you had both the knowledge and the technology to know the end is near, would you use it to escpape?
Knowing you won't be able to return for thausand of years, either way, wouldn't you try to preserve you culture in case you come back?
Wouldn't you leave those you had to leave behind some means, some chance to survive?
Further more: If you do, wouldn't you find ways to keep track how they do while you start over on a distant planet?
Drive the nonse to insanity and consider what you would do if you know that you, your race, you evolution on earth can't be avoided?
Might as simple as a mter of numbers for a healthy gene pool...
Could you really resist to give the next best thing in line a chance to pick up where you had to leave? ;)

Sound all way too crazy, I know.
Thingis, that the more you think about it and connect the dots the more sense it makes.
Gods are no higer beings, the don't have tobe from outer spce either - at least not for their true origins.
Our genetic code is filled with over 99% of "garbage".
We like to think of this garbage as the remains of our evlotion.
And of course science is there to prove it.
Funny enough we several problems in our DNA that neither science, nor evolution can explain.
And the same is true for DNA segments that originate from living things that a natural evolution would make impossible.
If at all then those DNA "markers" should represent the same as as they would have had to be during that time in our evolution before we seperated from it.
Most don't and correspond to DNA segments found in animals that appeared when we huams long seperated and formed a different "species".
And on top we have way too much other crap in our DNA that is not reuired at all.
We have animals and plats that did not really change bit since the time before the dinosaurs.
Funny enough their DNA is much simpler, with no clutter and suvived virtually unchanged ever since.
With that even the often cited mutations due to natural radiation make o sense anymore as those animals, plants and orgnisms are as affected by it as we humans are, but they did not mutate...
They do however if we introduce them artificall to radiation in high enough doses, but never with such great result as humas experienced.
Some say that once we are able to fully decrypt and understand our own DNA all will be revealed and clear.
But are we really ready to not only hear but actually accept what we might find?....

What if, one day in the not distant future, we actually find out who or what is out there nd watching us?
We might be able to digest some alien, even that they are totally different from us.
But what if they tell us that they more or less created us when they had to evacuate earth in the distant past?
What if "judgement" day is not aliens taken over or wiping us for no good reason?
It happened many times before that "gods" wiped all but a select few of us out....
Being terminated as collateral damage is bad enough bad if we would have been wiped clean because the experiement failed?....
What do we know how some alien might see us, what ethnical standards or views on maral they might have?
We still struggle to tolerate people with differences as little as skin color, faiths or just geaogarphic origins!
So why would any "higher being" see more in us than what we might see in a pack of rats fighting over feeding grounds in our sewers?
To travel the stars you need ressources, lots of them!
And you can't make this jump if your planet has limited ressources that everyone fights over.
So, really, no matter how you see it we are doomed either way.
Our gods would be highly disappointed and wipe most of us out if they would exist and return.
Aliens would do the same to us and for good reasons if we dare to reach for the starts only to make the same there that we created down here.
I a very realistic way religion is our science our fuse provided by those how were "gods" or had direct contact to them.
But not to follow it blindly or to turn us into blind followers.
Just to prevent us from makiing the exact same mistkes those "gods" make long before us.
But if there is just only single thing that really seperates humans from all other "intelligent" animals we know:
We simply won't learn from our mistakes and we always prefer to ignore the past if it makes us uncomfortable.
What is even worse: We also refuse to allow us to have an open and unbiased view on the most obvious things we can find as reaminas from our past.
And now as a final act so to speak:
If we would say all those climate fanatics are wrong and global warming is a fake in terms of US being responsible for it's speed...
Could we still ignore that nature fights back harder and harder to restore the balance we destoroyed?
One way or another, judgement day will come.
The question only whether or not we still have time left to learn from our past and ingnorance....

I hope you liked and enjoed the story and won't interpret too much into it ;)
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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