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Vaccine conundrum !!??

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2022 7:55 am
by Downunder35m
I work in what we call a "high risk environment" in terms of infections and infection control.
And while caring for people seems nice I noticed that we face a severe problem.

The government just made the booster shots compulsory for workers like us.
And that is now the problem I noticed...
For months now our workers have to stay home if they feel unwell for any reason, not just flu symptoms...
Better safe than sorry.
But it also means that every now and then we run a bit short with staff...
For the past 2 weeks not staff is tested at least twice a week for Covid via RAT.
Those feeling unwell but fit to work can do a RAT when the come in and if cleared they are good to go.
Now those those booster shots come into affect for more and more of our staff....
And since we increaed the testing I am faced with a big conundrum......

So far every single staff that got a booster shot tested positive via RAT for their next shift.
One is ok, two might still be fine but after 4 in a row you start to wonder.....
And today we had two more who had their booster given after their Friday shift ended.
That makes 6 and is not really explainable with coincidence any more...

Re: Vaccine conundrum !!??

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2022 8:03 am
by Downunder35m
What does the RAT detect? ANTIBODIES....
If we assume people are not being injected with the virus than what is happening here?

Seems clear that the booster causes a more or less instant reaction from the immune system.
Since everyone here only get's mRNA boosters and they are claimed to take a few days to make the body produce...
I find it highly unlikely that through a booster shot people would start to produce enough antibodies for a positive test within just two days.
But of course I can't say that there is any studies on this subject anywhere to be found.
If the immune system would indeed already react to the injection itself and BEFORE the so called vaccine starts to rewrite our DNA:
How much of the active ingredient would make it through those defenses to make the body do what the stuff is supposed to trigger?

What I do find striking here is that it seems the majority of people I spoke to so far state that they had severe pain in the injection area within just a few hours of the injection.
Also that the pain felt far worse than what they had from the first and second jab.
I could see this as an idicator of an immediate immune reaction to the injection itself.
And before you wonder:
The affected staff members did not visit anyone, stayed at home and had no visitors either - plus everyone in their households returened a negative test....

Re: Vaccine conundrum !!??

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2022 8:09 am
by Downunder35m
For me the worst part about all this mandating of vaccine shots is the ignorance.
People who got infected in the past 6 months were able enter Australia without being fully vaccinated.
It was deemed enough to have had the infection to have enough antibodies already.
This was overturned lately and now you can only enter if fully vaccinated.
So far so good....

But there is always all those early recommendation stating that people should not get the jab if the recently got infected.
Further more it was strongly advised against giving the jab to anyone who was positive in the last 6 weeks.
None of this matters any more...
And if we look outside the censored media we can find something really weird....
There is a growing number of admitted Covid patients who developed their problem after their booster shot.
Conviniently though those cases are treated as "unknown" infection sources if no active links can be found.
Or as we like to call it "community transmissions".
The increasing pressure and total lack of medical evidence or just medical studies in AU starts to worry me....

Re: Vaccine conundrum !!??

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2022 12:34 pm
by Orngrimm
I am on no way really qualified to talk about stuff like this as an electronics engineer, but i still have quite a good understanding of the basics and i can observe. So here it goes:
- The first shot with Moderna mRNA (1.0 doses) i only had a sore arm for like 2 days. So i can confirm your observation: The muscle receiving the shot react locally quite strongly.
- The second shot with Moderna mRNA (0.5 doses) 4 weeks later (And i assume here my body no "knows" the virus) gave me symptoms within like 4-5h. As far as i understand it, this is good: My body knew the proteins and reacted immediately. Well done!
- the booster with Moderna mRNA (0.5 doses) had the exact same development as my second shot: Symproms within a few hours. Looks like my body still knows whats going on and is still on its toes. well done again, body!

One thin i DONT know is how fast mRNA can enter a cell and hijack it and how long it takes this cell to start pumping out the spike-proteins according to the plans of the mRNA. 4-5h seems quite short, but if i think about how fast other cell-interactions on a macro-level are, that could be very well within a reasonable timeframe and even could be quite a lot faster (1-2h even i think).

Also unknown to me is how long it takes for the first shot to let the body build the antibodies in the first "generation". I assume a few days to maybe a week. A nice Video is

in this regard...

So, for me it is of no surprise if one gets boosted and then gets tested positive for antibodies quite shortly after. Isnt that the whole idea of vaccinationin the first place? To have Antibodies in your system ready and active.

But again: I am no near on a level to really discuss about this.
I dont claim to understand stuff like our immune system:

A good video as well is

to understand how the T-cells, B-Cells and antibodies work (simplified).

Re: Vaccine conundrum !!??

Posted: Tue Jan 11, 2022 11:58 am
by Downunder35m
At least I no longer feel like a complete retard....

I actually tried to have related chat with our head nurse.
But turned out she just repeated what the government provided in related articles LOL
According to her the RAT's won't detect the produced antibodies but only the "active" ones from an infection.
So today I had another shoulder checkup with my GP and was happy it was a physical one as I could ask about the mRNA stuff and RAT detection.
My doc basically confirmed what the "uneducated" people at work already thought.
It takes about 6 to 8 hours for the immune system, or to be precise, the re-progammed cells to produce the spike proteins or for the other mRNA versions protein fragments.
And the RAT's detect exactly those protein chains because they mimick the real deal.
But then she said she can not state wheter or not the RAT's would react to a booster shot, only how the things work.
I am not that dumb so I figured out our doctors are not allowed to give out statements that contrdict what the health minister states is fact.

Said to my boss today "I bet that the next three staff that got a booster will all return a positive RAT when they do their next shift if that is within 5 days of the shot.
If that comes true you pay me double my wages for next month, if not I work the next month for free."
Don't know why but she refused to take the bet LOL

Either way something is very fishy with those tests and the so called vaccines.
I looked it up and except for what is given to kids to immunisise them slowly with repeat shots till they are a few years old I could not find any vaccine that requires doses every few weeks and still fails to work.
And whenever this topic comes up through some still not silenced reporter during a press conference we get the same avoidance tactics.
Ending in stating how well the vaccines reduce hospitalisation and death rates - unproven as we did not encounter any serious strains since the vaccination hype started.
I still trust my good old, printed, dictionary.
In there, under the word VACCINE it reads:
..... prevents the infection without causing the infection itself....
..... provides imunity from the disease....
What I can't find anywhere is that it is already a vaccine if it basically entirely fails to prevent the infection ROFL
But what do I know about how vaccines work, I still struggle a bit with quantum physics and that aliens are not from outer space but from our past ROFL

Re: Vaccine conundrum !!??

Posted: Tue Jan 11, 2022 10:17 pm
by Orngrimm
But then she said she can not state wheter or not the RAT's would react to a booster shot, only how the things work.
At least in switzerland, the booster shot is the same mRNA as the vaccines, sometimes just in a lower dosage.

Again: I am in no way a specialist to talk about, but from what i understand, as a virus mutates (as a virus does), the ID-spots on a virus (See the videos i linked above) change as well. Sometimes they dont change enough to no longer be recognized by the T-cells and B-Cells but sometimes they change enough or often enough a bit (many times a bit = a large change) to count for the immune system as a new virus.
Now, i can fully understand, why someone is suspicious why the same vaccine should help for new virus-strands.
As far as i understood it from my talks with the doctors and professors (The perk of working in the medical technology-field), if you reactivate an immune-reaction of a close similar virus, the adaption-rate for a close relative virus is extremely increased.
He explained it like "If you hear gunshots and call the cops and they arrive, it doesnt matter if it was an small explosion and not a shot and now the house starts to burn. The emergency-services are already active and the cops can mobilize the firebrigade super fast. Without activating the emergency services in the first place, even if it was for a wrong cause, helped to heighten the alert-level in general and thats wat made the difference in the end."

Even if you take good old and classic vaccination against the flu, you still contract the flu if the flu-virus (By the way: Also a corona-virus. This family is huuuuge. SARS, Flu, Covid-19 and many, many more) is different enough. This can happen either if you catch one of the non-dominant strands or if the dominant strand you are vaccinated against changed enough. For the flu, this is normally about 6 month. Luckily, the weather 6 months later doesn't favor flu anymore and thats why normally one skips one season (which is at that time active in the colder other hemisphere of earth which now favors flu-conditions).
The shit with Covid-19 is the very high transmission-rate. This means, the mutations are favored and enforced. This means, the virus changes fast and sometimes very heavily. This makes it likely to contract a similar, but not the same virus.
Normally, if a vaccinated person catches covid, the symptoms are rather mild (in Switzerland like <2% of hospitalizations are vaccinated) because the body already has a quite good but not perfect antibody for this particular strand. The adaption is quick thou and the body can adapt the existing antibodies within 1-2 days and fight the new virus-variant normally very successfull.

My 2 cents.

Re: Vaccine conundrum !!??

Posted: Wed Jan 12, 2022 7:22 am
by Downunder35m
Well, I guess we will find out for sure ina few weeks....
At least down here, around Easter we will reach both the max amount of infected people and the max amount for people on the booster.
So we better not start to worry about all the animals identified as carriers and hosts already LOL

Re: Vaccine conundrum !!??

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2022 9:05 am
by liquidhandwash
I don't suppose your following that tennis star progress through Australia's ridiculous legal system? Novaxx Jockeyitch, applied for a visa to play tennis in Australia, got the Visa came to Australia, got the Visa revoked at the airport, went to court got the Visa back again, and then the minister of immigration revoked his Visa again, It now back in court and he is likely going to get it his Visa back again..
Australia can now add Serbia to the long list of countries it has pissed off lately
New Zealand
Soloman Islands

Re: Vaccine conundrum !!??

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2022 9:16 am
by Downunder35m
What do you expectwhen nine people with agod complex are at the helm ?
Australia is one country but we face border restrictions can can't agree on anything when it comes to this pandemic.