Constellations, star signs and time...

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Constellations, star signs and time...

Post by Downunder35m »

If WE look through a telescope and check those zodiac signs in the sky we wonder how the people came up with it....
it often takes an awful lot of phantasy to come up with a way to make a lion out of those few dots....

There is of course several different theories to choose from when it comes to the origing of those 12 signs.
Like being a representation of those who once ruled over this planet.
Of simply that they were placed in a most logical oder for astrogological purposes.
No matter which one of the many theories one might favour we can't ignore those unwritten and "undocumented" star signs.

Many of our oldest still living cultures who did not lose all ties to their past have references to certain stars or constellations in the sky.
Some match with stars in our zodiac signs, other don't seem to fit anywhere.
What is striking though is that those references were discarded as phantasy or made up star charts because we had no means to tell whether or not a sun has planets...
But we followed some African tribes and other natives and discovered that there primitive sticks, masks and ornaments actually provide a stunning accuracy.
Having said that we soon realise that, if we stick tostar signs linking several stars we actually have 13 and not just 12 of them....
If we include those really old references that we could not link yet to known stars it is a few more but in that case really just single suns.

Why would it matter to have 13 instead of just 12 "zodiac signs"?
For us modern humans it does not matter at all.
For us a horoscope is a novelty at best.
But not so long ago our entire life was organised by the stars and how they moved.
Farmers used the moon and starts to know exactly when the right time for work on the fields is.
We celebrated important celecstial events....
We were in harmony with nature and the universe so to say.
Looking at reallyold depictions of zodiac signs we can different shapes and in some case how more stars are matches with outlines.
It gives us a hint we could ignore, if we don't....

Our oldest cultures all have references to how gods or people from the skies had their wars and fights on earth.
In a way not unlike us today invading a remote rain forest tribe with all modern marvel our military has on offer.
If you only only the forest and with some luck hear stories from other tribes: How would you see a modern human flying over your head and having things that wipe out everything in seconds? ;)
Most of this happened before we humans developed written records of sorts.
But ancient Aegypt and other regions provided us with things from the time gods were still a real thing walking between humans.
Joined together on a lose timeline we get a rather dfferent picture of religion, gods and such...
Some might say we had at least 13 space travelling species visiting earth for one reason or another and that more often than not they started to fight down here.
Whether you trust in the theory of the first humans going to pace when our last ice age kicked in or that we always had "alien" visitors:
They all came here mostly for cheap labour and ressources.
Reading old religious text in regards to extiction level events or just how huge areas got wiped out can be revealing.
Just because it say a god did somethin does not mean we can ingnore the tell tale signs of nuclear explosions, especially not if today we can measure this in many of the affected areas as "elevated background radiation" levels....
Through those war time stories we get to notice than one of the 13 powerful "gods" got wiped out by the competition - or gave up trying at least.
And that is how we forgot about the missing zodiac sign ;)

What then with those signs in general?
If we assume they were or are holding systems with planets supporting life we could make more assumptions.
Like that some of those African tribes are correct to say that their god came from a system with two planets supporting life.
But also that before these gods ventured into deep space they did what we do right now - trying to leave their home planet for the first time.
You always visit what is closest to you first and expand from there....
Space is mostly jus that, empty.
The distances compared to what we know fromearth are so great we struggle to put them into relations we can understand.
And we don't really have any well working 3D models of our universe to determine what star is close to another.
All we have is the approximated distance from us - not easy to make a working model with good accuracy from just one viewpoint.
What we do figured out though is that every zodiac sign has stars within the same distance from earth - by interstellar definitions...
Coincidence ? ;)
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Re: Constellations, star signs and time...

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Where does time come in here?

We developed a sense of time long before we had clocks.
Especially the sense for seasons and how planetary alignments in our solar system affect nature on earth.
Being able to divert the day so we can have a way of meeting people or organising things was a requirement of evoloving more and more technology and learning new skills.
Old sundials though won't really show hours...
It was once more our ancient Aegypts who divided day and night into 10 HOURS.
They added one hour each for dusk and dawn.
The ancient babelonians loved the base 60 for their ath and other things.
And so we got a division of 60 minutes per hour and 60 seconds per minte - but a microsecond goes in increments of 100 - go figure...
Of course othe cultures used other divisions, like the Chinese.
Bu it all came down to observing the night sky and diving the movement of stars into sections.
Hence the almost identical approach in astrology.

Of course with a time definition originating from the stars we have the problem that it is not actually fully linear.
What we experience as daylight savings or a year where Febuary has a day more is a correction factor.
Funny enough: Including 13 zodiac signs and using 13 as the base of operations provides a far better handling of time.
A day with 26 hours is ideal for many things, except us humans able to handle it because 13 is a prime number....
Over the span of history we of course had the need to make time more accurate.
Physics and science just does not work without knowing the exact timing.
And we found ever new ways to make time what it is, up to using atomic clocks and the decay rate of neclear material as a constant.
Same way we tried to define distance, like a meter...
Even our calendar is an abuse of time as it only serves the purpose of xmas and easter while making sure our peasant ways of going by the moon and in sync with nature got elimianted.
Does it matter though?
With both time and distance defined artificially and through apprximation mass itself can only be an approximation as well. ;)

Why is time and distance so important to have accuracy in if we can define whatever we want and make it work ?
It comes down to math, literally....
Imagine you need to calculate how much energy is produced upon impact of something with a known mass.
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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Re: Constellations, star signs and time...

Post by Downunder35m »

Our modern ways of math use the base of 10 in the western world and the base of 12 and fractions for our imperial friends.
Not really great to have two systems as rivals.
But we have many more system in use today that other cultures and "minorities" prefer.
What is striking though is that for our computers we decided early on 8 is the way to go.
A bit only knows zero and one, a byte contains 8 bit and with that 256 possible values.
If you ever wondered why we settled for eight I might be able to help you:

How does a living cell evelove and multiply into something bigger?
School already told us we have a single cell getting fertilised to start a new life.
From there it splts into two cells, then 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048 and so on...
Funny how all those numbers seem to come from the selection menu for your USB stick or hard drive...
It is the linear part of evolution that was used to make computers work the way they do.
But having the base of 10 for most things in our world meant it is still rather hard to understand how these things work so well on the base of 8...
Nature provides another linear sequence of importance:
1, 2, 4, 8, 7 , 5
If you go ahead and add the above computer numbers one diget at a time and repeat for multi diget results you get an endless repetition of 1,2,4,8,7,5...
Now the big question: where is the 10 hiding here ? ;)
Draw a circle and dvide into a 9 hour clock with 9 at the top.
Or look here for an example of just using the linear sequence.
Nicola Tesla already explored this rather extensively....

If we look at this circle we can't help but wonder how a day with 19 or 18 hours would be like.
One hour of this clock would have 80 of our current minutes - 20 solid minutes longer....
But in return we would end with withrather weird fractions - or would we ?
If our math would be based on the 9 as well we would also have the 3, 6 and 9 as references ;)
And as you can see in the above link a very easy way to create very simple to understand timetables for multiplications and general math.
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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Re: Constellations, star signs and time...

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How to get time and distance synced to the base of 9 and how to the the missing zodiac sign back?

Same way we do today it is just a matter of definition.
But the great change would be that we finally have a common denominator for doing math, science and all !
The only thing missing would be the inclusion of non-linear things, like our natural constants and such.
If we do though and do this on a large graphical scale we find that basically all of them form geometric patters with previous layers - they suddenly show us possible links and shortcuts.

We love to say "It's not rockets science" when someone fails to understand what we mean...
In our circle of math though this turns literal.
Many of our huge calculation problems, if places into the circle actually tranlate to rather nice patterns.
Some dared to experiment with the numbers provided when things in space went a bit wrong.
Turns out the miscalulations also reflect in a mismatch in the circle.
Means you would not need complex computer simulations to test if all might go to plan - you could see it right away on some overlay....

The 13 comes back us in the circles as the second prime number"outside" the range of 9.
The 11 is placed onto the two and might be seen as the base of further prime numbers.
Go ahead and draw lines between our prime numbers in the pic from the above link ;)
You might notice that despite the chaos there is some lines just going over each other again and again....
If you spread the higher numbers to allow for some of our natural sequences to form nice patterns the lines created by the prime numbers change a bit... ;)
And the 13 is still seen as a sign of bad things in our world of suspicions... ;)
Either way, the amount of lines crossing through the zero point in the pic is certainly no coincidence at all.
Does that mean now we only ever had 12 gods, was it 9 or even 13 ?
Math has nothing to do with aliens but sometimes with religion.
If we assume though that there is some higher power of groups in charge of our evolution.....

To be able to venture into space you not only need technology to match your dreams, you also need the math to calculate how to get from point A to point B.
Imagine such a higher power would not want those animals on earh to reach space any time soon....
Before those animals could dream about they would already have to have a working math system designed to match.
For some reason both our concept of time and math are a really bad match for complex things....
By hanging on to outdated systems while developing our modern life we ignored that math itself has to evolve.
We only did this for computers though and there only half cocked anyway.

Now we skipped the required step to make math work in the computer world.
We ignored the harmony and resoance and went right into the chaos of quantum computing - Whiskey Tango Foxtrott !!??
Sure, the quantum level is the last frontier we encountered so far by exploring the atom.
But to understand how things move inside our atoms we need to understand harmony and resonsnce first.
We failed to understand the linear math computer use, so we will never understand how qantum computer do their thing without having a computer to explain it to us :(
The lunar cycle is close enough to 28 no matter how you average it to say it is a full circle that matches with our base of 9.
2 + 8 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1 ;)
But of course we struggle to create a circle where all of our constants and sequences make sense - it always ends in chaos once things fail to line up.
Is a circle really harmonic though?
It has no start, no end and nothing straight to it...
Only as a sphere though it starts to make sense.
Once you create a sphere of math and start rotating the base ALL those vital things end up in harmonic and matching patterns....
And if you try to follow them around you suddenly see that the fringe science of vortex math is actually almost spot on....

Lets assume there is some merit to this - it con't possible work, or can it?
We do only two-dimensional math in a very linear form in our heads.
For the rest we need at least a calculator - although some even need one to multipl 13 by 29....
In a sphere however we only ever really need vectors and angles to reach the end of an otherwise endless formula....
makes even the most complex mathematical rather simple to solve....
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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Re: Constellations, star signs and time...

Post by Downunder35m »

How does all this now combine with the title of the story you wonder...

If to all parts of this nice story is just some tiny bit of truth we have to ask how those will react who tried so hard to slow us down once we venture into space for fun....
What part plays religion really in this game of numbers for example?
Imagine finding out the great Ganesh was no god but some visitor from outer spce or the the christian god actually just was some grumpy old guy having some fun with humans for a while ?
Or simply that all those stories that turned into a religion are based on those in charge interpreting it to their personal needs ?

Time is a weird concept that gets fuzzy once you include speed and spce travel into it.
Right now we can't really imagine to travel just close to the spped of light but we say that time dilation effects will be a problem.
Going faster than the speed of light is required to breach the distances between start systems in a meangful and feasable way.
Sadly we though we have to consider that those who put the handbrake on math also placed one on our understanding of time.
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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Re: Constellations, star signs and time...

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What is time ?

For us humble humans mostly a thing to know when we have to go to work or allowed to go back home ;)
In science though time is a delicate thing.
When Albert Einstein had to come with a way to explain why the first nuclear bomb test created much more energy than calculated we knew we have a problem.
No matter how we tried to correct the formulas we only always come close to the real numbers measured once we go fuzzy.
Today we know that much more than atoms splitting is happening.
We even go as far as theorising on a quantum level to get a real grips of how energies work together and form new things.
Which brings the question what really is energy ?

Today we all know electricity is a form of energy but we excluded permanent magnets for some reason.
Some even know that heat or just the force of gravity is energy is a way.
Same for UV, radio or waves with higer frequencies....
Mass however is for us still no energy at all, just something that requires energy to be moved or provides energy when moving or being stopped.
The atomic tests however showed that here mass is nothing more than just energy - it is transefered directly.
Means in reality all mass we know, all elements we discovers is just energy bound together in different ways.
Of course we knew this since we found out that a hydrogen atom has a little "solid" stuff" inside as a tungsten atom - it is all just energy.

If literally everything we can experience somehow is just energy is not only means that we are a fancy web of energy but also that time itself can be a real thing as it defined right now.
One of our latest discoveries in this regard was that the gravitational shockwaves of exploding stars travel much faster than the speed of light.
It enabled us to detect those events and aim our big telescopes in the right spot to see some of these events.
If we have energies able to move faster than the speedoflight - that how does this affect time itself?
No even gravitational shockwaves travel instantly.
No pun intended but it takes still time for them to get from the origin into outer space.
Houston, we have a problem! No worries we make everyone look the other way!
We did not do that when the Apllo program hit this famous snag...
But we did so with those shockwaves!
Science tells us that time dilation happens when we mess we such high speed around or above the spped of light.
Now we learn that energy is not really affected by this at all ;)

Some scientist already say that if we would find ways to overcome the snail pace of conventional space travel anycraft would use a drive system excluding the entire craft from whe know as the "space-time-comtinum".
Follwoing those scientist brings a different concept of time in some areas.
They say our concept of time only works if time itself is a form of energy or at least the result of gravity.
As gravity is a form of energy any result of it can only be energy on the lowest definition level, so it really makes litte difference.
If we know accept that all is just energy and that we could make it all fit into a sphere.....
Some followers trying to combine not just Tesla-math and vortex-math but also try to find out how all this can be combine found a possible way out.
Our nice sphere was attempted many times since we have capable enough computers to manipulate things with ease.
Sadly all attempts started to drift into higher and higher error rates because of the "impossibility" to get all angles and vectors aligned.

What if we bring time itself into the sphere?
Everything has to be related somehow but so far we only ever tried to fit in all we know for our old school linear understanding of math.
We approximate ....
If time would be just a vector AND multiplicator though.....
Most of our really vital things already combine nicely on our basic 2 and a hald D approximations.
What though is we treated it all as just energy ? ;)
We already can calculate a lot of energy related things in all sorts of directions.
Means we CAN do this in "reverse" to come up with an energy level instead of a somehow related numerical value.
Through this we then have just time and energy left to fill the sphere.
Why now would this be such a great opportunity despite the insanity of actually translating all those numbers ?

Once we have enough data collected to bring at least some of our known laws of physics into the sphere we can translate back into our "normal numbers and things" with the base of 9.
In return we can place them into our simple sphere to create matching scales of them.
With every new case we get a higher accuracy and more matches.
The real beauty though happens once we bring back our natural constants and sequences.
WE KNOW that they have to be accurate because nature itself came up with them.
Same for what we call platonic solids....
And of course all this would start to match up perfectly - thanks to nature and our universe, not gods or aliens ;)
Means we not only have ONE but TWO ways to confirm our sphere is working as planned!
Nature itself and HOW WE LEARNED TO INTERPRET it and put it laws of physics.
With both of them then forming a prefect match it means we can go back to actually confirm the vector of time itself - we would know how long a senond really is and how it translates to energy ;)
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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Re: Constellations, star signs and time...

Post by Downunder35m »

If you really were bothered enough to use the boredom of this pandemic to read all the above you now feel a bit ripped of - maybe.

I wasted all your time, you found soo many bad typos...
For what exactly?

Who really cares about time enough to define a totally new math system just we finally know for sure how long a second is and how long a meter really is ?
I certainly don't care as it does not affect my life enough.

But knowing how things work together, why all is just energy and why math as we know it is just a walking stick would be nice...
For humanity it would be like the industrial revolution but for our brains and level of intelligenece.
What we now struggle to put into numbers we can deal with could be as simple as knowing that a liter of water has a weight of one kilogram....
Calculating how much energy is required to heat a known mass by a certain temperture would be as simple as we multiply 6 by 3 today.
Complex simulations we used today could be simplified into just vectorising energy levels....
Understanding for example how we can make cold and radiation free cold fusion work could then be simple matter of "spinning the sphere" ;)

Humanity once followed nature and our greatest minds tried to understand the realitions nature offers us so freely.
Like trying to copy a bird's wings to make a flying machine...
And we love to copy desings we find in nature, like the honeycomb or rigid outer tubes filled with with a spongy but recovering stuff - like many wetland plants ,)
We know have the opportunity to change our understanding of math from a linear system based on simplification into a harmonic and resonant system working the same way nature and the universe does.
Why does it matter?

So far we existed in a two-dimensioal world when it comes to understanding things.
You don't think so ? ;)
Pick any landmark in your area, like a clocktower or tall building.
Only real requirement for your pick is that you CAN'T know the height of it!
Now go and walk a known distance away from said object of choice.
YOU KNOW EXACTLY how far away from it you are, so how hard can it be to see and know how height it is ? ;)
Take you best pick, then look up the real height to check how close you got.
You might be surprised how badly you guessed ;)
But repeat it a few times with different object viewed from the same distance and you get a hang of it.
If you are really good try from a viewpoint above ground level ;)
I know, I got some of you now wondering why it can be so hard to get the eight correct...
Please don't try so often to get it right that you get frustrated!
If you fail too badly it only means you are totally normal.
Those who are really accurate despite having never really tried it usually also have a far greater sense of things we normal humans struggle with.
Like judging whether or not the gap on the training course is really wide enough to let your car through without hitting the cones.

Humans don't currently utilise the brain in any efficient way, most parts stay dormant when we try complex things like math.
Only a few small areas light up during scans...
Different story though for those we callmath wizard or math magicians.
You know, like people able to tell you what weekday it is for any date you throw at them or who are able to calculate numbers with 10 or more digest in their heads faster than we can type it into a calculator.
Their brains light up like xmas trees or halloween decorations!
A bit like we using a cluster of CPU's to get things calculated faster...
Many of those wizards use pictrures, colors or "stories" to combine when with sounds or adding details to a scene.
Some just use mathematical tricks that often come back to3, 6, 9, or the sequece of 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5. - or miltiplicators of them.
Others just use shortcuts we forgot about.
Like when adding a long a list of numbers.
You might be surprised how many different and working ways there are - same for multiplications.
Changing our understanding of math itself and how we use it means changing our brains ....

Give it a try by learning how use the hexadecial system - easy as we have many examples out there from the early days of computing ;)
Then just change what you learned is different from the base 10 compared to hte base of 8 computers use - try it with the 9 instead.
Words, Dwords and so one are just anothe circle or if you prefer to the higher and lower bytes different circles.
Simple 8 bit math will do to compare it to the base of 9 !
You will find, for exaple that simple addtions go down to just two angles and vectors.
Grab some colored pencils in do some two number addtions in that circle for the link way up there somewhere.
Have one seperate color for all additions involving a numbers that can be divided by 3, 6 or 9.
Like red for things like adding 18 and 22 or 27 and 14.
Also have a color ready for all things you can divide by 5 -to keep a reference to our decimal system.
Like when adding 5 and 8 or 13 and 22.
You will find that the traingles you create with the various colors all follow their own patterns...
Continue if you dare with multiplications on a different print ;)
Isn't amasing how many easy to grasp geometric forms you can create?
You can almost see already how easy it would be if you could keep this print in your head now to do it with the shapes you discovered ;)
You start to realise how 3, 6 and 9 relate to the sequence of the remaining numbers....
Also might also noticed how those numbers above the three are always go down to 3, 6, 9 once you keep adding the single digets ;)
Did you notice though how the numbers from one round to the next always increase by 9 ? ;)
See what happens when you add neighbouring numbers like 12 + 13 , 25 +26...
Notice how the triangles change once you deal with the outer numbers ?
Once we leve the area of just 9 numbers all seems to shift - and it does because we operate on paper ;)
If you do it on a computer because you can it is possible to rotate in a way that again aligns the triangle with the center of the sphere and the same relation we get when dealing with small enough numbers.
In case you now want to to make by trying be warned that other already did and found even this way of aproximation matches the other options we have to get those outer numbers into the right spot as a point on the surface of a sphere....

I wonder though if the idea would ever catch on considering hat Tesla's ways found so much interest in schools and universties at the time only to be abandoned after this time.
Now we see how vortex math tries to for a bridge without including the base of 9 or the sequence of the remaining numbers.
One walking aid replaced by another ROFL
What is really funny in this context is that we still try to come up with new math systems but none really ticks all the boxes when it comes to proving it actually works.
No one though ever dared to create Tesla's system as a sphere and by utilising all we know.
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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Re: Constellations, star signs and time...

Post by Downunder35m »

Gotcha you might say now - where is the harmony in this sphere if we first have to find and create it ?
Isn't the 9 our center of attention?
Isn't the circle complet without going over the zero ?
So go ahead and look in the more easter regions of our globe and you find the Yin-Yang symbol.
Draw it into the circle ;)
OOOPS - NOW YOU see it.....
There is a perfect sine wave hiding in plain sight.
And with that we suddenly get all the common fractions we struggle so often with....
Go ahead and make the symbol in some carboard and color it - then start spinning it ;)

For every action we have an equal and opposite reaction!
Means that same must be true for our improved circle !?
I leave it up to you to explore the relationships between yin/yang, the sequence and 3 6 9 ;)
Once you find them and start to understand them it is like switching from BW TV to color - if you are old enough you know what that means ;)
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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