The sanctions against Russia....

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The sanctions against Russia....

Post by Downunder35m »

We all know how the world changed with Russian forces invading Ukraine.
And we could go on for hours on the possible historic claims and such that Putin uses, I would like to look at the financials for a change.

The first and rather interesting thing is the exchange rates.
Early Feb you got about 75 Rubel per US Dollar.
Basically right with the invasion the rate dropped dramatically.
Within just two weeks we reached a rate of !30 Rubel per US Dollar.
This clearly indicated how the invasion impacted on the share and investments markets.
Company producing in russia were facing massive losses and due to global shortages already struggled with supplies.
All this though only lasted till the 25th of March.
The first real sanctions towards Russia kicked on the 11th of March....
Not only did those sanctions stop the fall of the Rubel, they also prepared companies and investors.
By the end of March the exchange rate recovered to about 83 Rubel per US Dollar....

Just 10 Rubel below the value from before the invasion.
The funny thing is that seizing the assests of those filthy rich Russians came at a high price.
Whoever could in russia diverted their money and investments.
By the end of April the Rubel was valued about 72 against the US Dollar - stronger than before the invasion !!
Around the same time those running on crypto currencies already noticed how this market started to change.
Today we know it was Russia fuelling the bitcoin wars that still keep going.
Putin is rather smart when it comes to finances - it was his specialty as a spy.
No surprise then that the Rubel is now getting stronger than ever before.
On the 5th of my we reached a new record of 66 Rubel to the Dollar and it keeps going!

Companies producing in Russia now face the problem that production costs eat the profits away.
Some even consider to close shop and to start over with a new production outlet in a different country.
While this should send shockwaves through the stock markets and make the Rubel go down, the opposite happens....
Those companies not only producing in Russia but also being based there now make better earnings than ever before.
Forecasts predict the Rubel to go to around 60 per Dollar by the end of May....
What does that mean?

Putin did what a few decades ago would have been impossible.
Starting a war the whole world objects to while getting stronger as a result of sanctions.
What is good for Russia now make more and more Russins rethink the war and justification.
The huge losses in support Putin faced early on are being more than made up for now....
What is striking here is that while most countries object the war their companies and rich citizens have little concern to invest in Russia on other levels.
No matter how the war ends Russia will come out stronger and that is a dangerous thing if used to make your citizens say yes to more of it....
Considering the ressources and how Europe already relies on Russian oil and gas it is pretty clear that living costs will be on the rise for those countries.
On the other hand Russia still has lots of ways to get around import related taxes and now arubel that is stronger than ever.
Keen investors now already buy massive amounts of Russia currency in anicipation of the trend continuing -- which of course also promotes axactly that.
Some financial experts already fear that by the end of the year the Rubel will be strong enough to create a global financial crisis if it would suddenly drop in value.
What already is a struggle for the world is no problem for Russian - their costs keep going down while their wages keep going up.....
A sudden fall of value for the Rubel would not affect them either as the sanctions against Russia already changed how the country operates.
While we all rely on IMPORTS Russia does not have this problem and thrives on exports we can#t refuse for long.

What might the long term outlook be?
Judging what some financial experts state it could look rather grim.
While the Rubel gets stronger other currencies drop in value.
On top of that many of these countries already face insane inflation rates already which further weaken their currency.
If Putin integrates Ukraine to the Russian portfolio Russia will be stronger than what is good for the world.
Plentlyful supplies for food and grains from Ukrain, their ressources and uranium on top of the oil.
Free access to the southern water with no need to sneak around Europe or China to get out.
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Re: The sanctions against Russia....

Post by Downunder35m »

Here is a more personal observation based on what I like most when watching the world: Lifting some curtains ;)
So take it as you like but keep in mind that it might have no merit at all as it is, well my personal opinion on things....
You were warned ;)

War meant risking it all in the hope to come out better than before.
And countries always found ways to justify this, same for joing the other side to end the war through more war.
Even the biggest retard will one day relise that the costs and lossed of a traditional war take far too long to recover and turn into usable profits.
The last war where this still worked was the one that resulted in the German space program and people landing on the moon.
Take what you can, put a "Made in the USA" sticker on and it is yours LOL
We today still have wars in our world, especially in Africa - but we prefer to look away and ignore them because we are not affected.
Except when you consider the flood of refugees turning to new citizens...
Modern war on te big canvas means you have to have enough to gain.
Like when the US first trained the locals to help with war that let the oild fields burn to then claim the Taliban are a problem.....
Sometimes what you create bites you back on 9/11...
But while the USA kept interfering with the world China and Russia were utterly silent.

But while we ignored things like human rights violations,mass deportations and even how kids are stolen from their families to be educated in party owned schools we prepared....
China kept poking us after we stopped how Chinese investors buy us up and China stopped taking our rubbish.
And we responded in kind instead of acting in the Chinese way.
Us, ignoring their culture only confirmed to China that their way is best.
And so we all prepared for war with China and wasted trillions to get our militaries up to the latest specs.
What did China do? Laugh....
While we wasted our money they just kept going and got stronger, their currency included.
China is a global leader in electronics, technology and eduction, despite their offending ways - offending for us, not them...
The have a space station, probes on the moon and mars, even collected samples while up there.
And where the US required a decades to get one mission from planning to landing China did that in just 3 as their average.

Russia did no such things, Russia was our friend....
We did not trust them of course but Putin made sure we are happy to accept them as business partners.
Our money provided lots of positive changes in Russia - people had more jobs, more money, more access toall the modern gadgets we enjoy.
Quite a big chunk of this wealth ended up in investments - not just for super rich Russians but also in terms of new companies, new technologies and moreproduction than ever before.
Putin already completed what the WEF is still trying to make their member do: Becoming fully self suffient and independent from "untrustworthy" countries and their products or ressources.
Internationally China is way ahead through their Road and Rail scheme and how they now lots of countries supporting them on UN levels - check how much support those Africa nations and some other got from China to now vote in their favour ;)
The invasion of Ukraine though means Putin is levelling the playing fields.
With the huge excess available the war does not really cost Russia much.
Keep in mind they did not waste their ordonance like the US did ;)
And Ukraine is right around the corner, so no logistical or supply nighmares either.
A dirt cheap war so to say at a bargain price.
Putin was well prepared for the aftermath of this invasion day.
Less than 2 months to fully recover from the value drop of the Rubel....
Now already getting the Rubel stronger than before the war....
Easy to sell a war to your people if there is so much gain right away....
The long term implications though are far worse than what what China made us do....

China never wanted a war, they want to do business.
But we saw and still see in pain how quickly thing in China affect us now.
Ordering something from there can mean more than two months before your order even reaches their customs and export centers.
Placing an order to produce something new for you like so many comapnies do for their white goods and electronics now means up to 6 months delay added for production to begin.
Means that by the time you get the goods your pricing is ruined and the stuff maybe outdated already.
These delays though are far less severe for Chises companies as they are prefered.
If in doubt foreign orders are placed on hold if Chinese companies have a need.

On the other hand Putin never had a problem to state that he wants the Sviet Union back and then some that "historically" belongs to Russia.
China is probably biting their arse right now realising they could have just taken what they want in the surrounding seas without any allies stepping in.
Knowing neither the USA nor their allies would step in Putin only had to fear the reaction of those "free" nations close by that are still independent.
Putin also never had any objections to playing dirty and outside legal boundaris.
He played us all....
30% higher costs for gas an oil in Europe is already happing and going above this level.
Higher demand from there with Russian supplies in risk of being turned off at any time mean higher global prices.
Add the growing strength of the Rubel and how we wast billions to support Ukrain despite knowing Putin will take it over...

We have big sandpit with some bullies inside.
USA, China, russia, North Korea, ....
Bullies will be bullies until someone fights them off good enough or bats them u for good - bullies won't learn.
Try to imagine how much wealth we all could have without wars and our need for military forces to fight other nations.
If you already struggle with that don't try to imagine to how much wealth this would translate if the money saved would be invested in good things like education, real science, education....
The global waking up will happen eventually.
While we wonder about wars the rich wonder what to do with their exploding profits.
While we suffer more and more the rich and those in power Only ever find new things to keep us down and in limited numbers - even it takes a pandemic they promote for a few years....

To finish off let#s have some fun : Money is a pyramid- or Ponzi Scam, snake oil ;)
Take all the money in the world.
Then look how much of it is owned in huge chunks by just a few people.
Funny already isn't it?
The top 500 hold so much money they could literally buy up every country they like in the world if the would be for sale....
How does a pyramid scam work?
You first need some really good snake oil.
Has to be something everyone wants once they know about it and where only you contraol how much is made available.
Of course you can#t ever let the customers know itis just snake oil - you have to provide something in return.
Wouldn't it be great if the proof how good the snake oil is would become obvious once you have enough snake oil ? ;)
Why do you go to work every day?
Because you need money to pay the bills, rent, mortgage,.....
But WHY do you have to pay for all this to begin with ? ;)
You need to first get the right to work and make money....
Not a problem for most.
But working means you also have to pay for this right once you use it - income tax.....
Funny enough those providing you with work also have to pay some taxes....
This very simple pyramid scam worked flawless for hundreds of years.
A good scam has to run for a very long time to provide the real profits to those running it.
Empires came and fell while the scam continued.
Those supporting the theory of this scam state that throughout history we can find "influencial" families pulling the strings openly or in the shadows.
And while they always had the money, they also disappeared and got replaced by other families every now and then.
A bit like a hidden war with no battle fields involved.
But if not money then what were and are those secret families controlling?
There will always be someone getting filthy rich but without ever getting any real world power from it, influence sure but not more....
Money is power, simple.
Without it you have a simple life, with enough money life is simple.
It is then no surprise to realise those with real power, those we never really see and hear about do things without us realising what they do.
Take Klaus Schwab - not the richest man by any definition but in control of most of the western world.
And like with evey good company or pyramid scam you have people in charge at various level of the enterprise.
Some operate locally, some nation wide, a few globally.

We know of the 7 families, the Illuminati, the founders and all those other secret societies.
We also know that lots of our industrialisation heros were members of various secret clubs and cults.
Some for the leading politicians and monarchs at the time.
But where are they now, where or what are their secrect clubs and metting places today?
Guess what !? They no longer have to hide and play it secretly.
Today they provide advise and guidance....
But the competition is growing, like those filthy rich kids taking over the wealth from their parents, those tech geeks who invented social media, streaming or what else we value so much - more snake oil ;)
And the new kids on the block now always like to play by the rules of those in charge of the longest running scam in human history.
Like our teens today they won't listen and do what they want...
It is no longer the money those new players hold that puts the scammers at risk - it is the influence they gain.
The real world power they hold....
We reached the tipping point that will either blow or expose the scam.
The money grabbing and hoarding will soon turn into more material, real world things.
To make more money we invented shares and global operations.
In return we now rely on the stbility of this fragile system to provide a grwoing flow of money.
With the powers shifting itis just a matter time to see the open war to keep the scam running starting.
Like Putin already does and China started doing in the late 80's....
Which leaves the bigest questions left to answer.....
What is the USA really up to and when will the spiritual leaders of this world finally reveal what is really in those oldest texts and they keep locked up and secret ?
So many years have passed but still no one wonders, no one asked why basically all vital political and religious leaders of this world keep visiting a certain research station in Antartica shortly after taking office....
Not even after those visits changes what these people promised and suggested their reign of power will bring...
No one dares to state a conflict of interest when leading politicinas are best friends with big industrial leaders or filthy rich individuals....
And no one really seems to follow the trails of those founding families any more - the plan seems to work ;)
Exploring the works of the old inventors, mixng them up with a modern touch.
To tinker and create means to be alive.
Bringing the long lost back means history comes alive again.
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