A fun one if you know Bunnings in AU...

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A fun one if you know Bunnings in AU...

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Everything is online here, even our hardware stores....
No problem, as they all advertise contact free pickup for online orders - how easy is that!

I tried a few times with my local Bunnings, from a few packs of screws, over glue and paint to wooden panels.
No matter where I clicked: The item is not available for online orders, trade only.
After a few of these attempts I decided to send them an Email, asking if online orders are actually possible or not as all items seem to be blocked for this.
Didn't even get a reply, so I tried the direct Email insted of the online form - same result.
But a call (I had their number due my provious job) revealed they were not aware of any issues but did wonder why no one wants to order from their new location....
Finally getting somewhere I was promised someone wouldlook into it....

That was three weeks ago and last week they finally got it working for most items I need.
So I tried to do what is so easy and normal in our online world: Placing an order....
Clicking on what I wanted so it is added to my basket was easy enoigh and only my plywood is still refused for online orders.
Then came the checkout.
Do I want to create an account or continue as a guest?
Well, I got most of what I wanted, so guest will be fine.
Of course thy needed my personal details and all was fine until I had to provide my address.
Despite being shown in the drop down list, clicking on it meant I got the message that the address is incomplete and that I have to enter it manually.
Would have been nice to find a button for that instead of searching for the slightly different color in the word "manually".....
Found it and was able to enter it all again from scratch.
Why bother to take over what was already there when you have to go manually.
At the end of the form was that nice button "CONFIRM" but clicking did not do anything.
Tried a few dozen clicks here and there to no avail.
Then the form timed out....
Oh well, let's just do it again, you know how it works....
Upon arrival on the address problem I tried clicking on a text field and then on enter.
Was the top one, my first name that activated the "accepted" status....
I mean it is fully logical to fill everything out and then to go back to the top to hit enter so you can continue.
But then cam the ultimate joke: What payment option would I like to use?
Funny enough they offered Paypal....
But of course you can't just use the standard Paypal checkout to give them your details in one go, would be too eay I guess.
The default address for my paypal stuff is a parcel locker...
Needless to say Bunning tried to take over the Paypal details and complained that my address is not valid.....

Log into Paypal, change the default address to my home address and start over at Bunnings.....
All up I wasted now a bit over two hours....
But finally their form was happy enough and I got a confirmation for my order.
In the following Email it stated online orders are usually ready for pickup within 24 hours.
Sadly they did not specify from which day or week these 24 hours start counting.
4 days later I used the "check my order" button with my order number....
Appearently my items were ready and waiting for an assigned pick up time.
Then came the weekend and on the following Monday I get an Email stating my items are not available in my local store.
But I was offered the option to pick it from a different store.
Of course there isn't one within my travel bubble so I instead of "pick up from different store" I clicked on "No, thank you."
2 minutes later I get an Email that the refund for the order I cancelled takes up to 5 days to process.
What cancelled order???

Needless to say I am a bit disappointed with my Bunnings online experience and gave the corresponding feedback.
As a result I now got an Email stating that my negative feedback was removed because I can blame Bunnings if I cancel my order ROFL
Abuse a friend with a trade account to drop in and get what I need.
Not a single car in the pickup lanes.....
Once inside I asked if things get busier over the weekend.
"No, we did not really have any people using our pick up system....".
Go figure, I still wonder why people would not make use of it..... LOOOOOOL
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