Is there any decent player for dashcams?

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Is there any decent player for dashcams?

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I like the quality of my new cam, dirt cheap but good enough.
Only problem is the player....
Impossible to sort videos by data and time...
Impossible to have the front and rear cam files combined to play together...
No trimming, cutting or merging of files available either.

I already realised then when loop recording there is always about 5 to 10 seconds of footage missing.
And without loop recording the thing just keeps recording on end WITHOUT overwriting old files - annoying I know...
So I consulted this thing that popped up a few years ago - the World Wide Web ;)
Seems Dashcamviewer is the program that is most videly used and hat supports the most cams.
To my surprise though not even this piece of code will play front and rear files together - nor does it allow to quickly find files.
Either do it manually through the filename or import the whol cam folder to skip through until you find the right one.
I looked up how fully supported cams create the filenmanes and did a batch renaming - still no joy with two cams.

I might be missing something but in case I am not:
Do you know of a good dashcam software for windows that supports viewing front and rear footage together?
Preferably with basic editing options...
I can do without the window for the GPS data and map if I must...

Bonus request, if possible:
All these cams offer some sort of WiFi support but only apps for Android and IOS to play videos and such.
Is there some simple way to use the cam's hotspot to just download the files over Wifi to a Windows computer?
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