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Hyundai Getz aircon troubles

Posted: Sat Dec 18, 2021 9:35 am
by Downunder35m
I know the Getz is not really known for having a freezing cold aircon.
But mine just blows at ambient air temps or even slightly above that.
Time to investigate, after all, I fixed a few HVAC systems over the years, how hard can it be?

Of course I noticed the dealer must have provided dodgy papers as I could not find any pressure at all in the system.
After the usual evac and pressure testing I filled the system up and was pleased to see the compressor kicking and the pressure gauges moving.
All looked fine but to my surprise there was no change at all for the air coming out of the system.
The very expensive trpple pressure switch was working so that left me with a TX valve or dryer problem...
Was a pain to find a suitable donor car at the wreckers but I only had to pay 40 bucks for a valve from a quite new barina that was crashed.
The pain of replacing it was paid by getting the same warm air problem as before.

The dryer is integrated into the condenser instead of being a replacable canister, so I am not keen on paying close to 300 bucks for a try.
But in all fairness: what comes in hot comes out just over ambient temps, so I guess the dryer can't be blocked up.
Needless to say the evaporator is so embedded into the box behind the filter that I can't reach it with a temp sensor or my hands.

Yesterday I went to s local aircon service joint and stated my troubles.
They offered a full system check and refill for 200 bucks.
90 minute later they claimed my condenser is blocked and that it destroyed my compressor.
And the guy had the guts to explain that to me with the machine attached and showing normal operating pressures....
Appearently is it the volume not the pressure that matters - go figure....
I ask for the supercool and superheat temps and he says the machine does not provide them.
Was quoted close to 600 bucks to have the aircon fixed with new parts, which is a reasonable price but I would like to oknow what you guys think?

The Hyundai forums are quite split here.
According to them the Getz is notorious for having aircon problems.
But no one really bothers to invest hundreds of bucks for an old car, so they just sell them and move on.
The thing that bothers me a bit is the claim that the high pressure cut off at 150PSI is normal.
Even for a R290 system this would be rather on the low side of things to work.
For R143 and during the hot Aussie summer I would expect values between 200 and 300 PSI on the hot side...

Re: Hyundai Getz aircon troubles

Posted: Sat Dec 18, 2021 10:56 am
by liquidhandwash
Ive only fixed a handful of car ACs, I always vac them out and replace the refrigerant with LPG, If your not wanting to use LPG you can use Hi chill which if you look on the data sheet is LPG. The advantage is the gas is more efficient and you can use a lower pressure around 30psi on the low side at 20 degrees C the gas is also thicker so doesn't tend to leak as much. It also not as corrosive as the factory refrigerant
If there is no cooling I look at the condenser and fans they can get blocked up with leaves and road garbage, You need good airflow so a non-working fan or radiator full of crap will stop the ac from working. Still no joy I go over the condenser with a non-contact thermometer and look for hot spots, which indicates an internal blockage.
If the condenser is really blocked internal you get a very high-pressure reading on the high side.
That about the extent that Ive got into it so good luck with yours

Re: Hyundai Getz aircon troubles

Posted: Sun Dec 19, 2021 6:06 am
by Downunder35m
The spot check is something I can do with my infrared thermometer :)
For the rest I really did it all, most of it a few times now.
I use R290 from Bunnings in compatible systems after changing the oil, so no drama here.
But of course I trusted the seller and only found out there is problems when I had to use the aircon.

Found a guy wanting to get rid of his old condenser with the attached dryer.
Unlike mine his has a removable plug on the bryer to replace the desicant.
Hoping to be able to grab it tomorrow after work.
Checked the compressor today and it provides near perfect vacuum and I stopped the other side when it went above 300 PSI - my hoses are not that good looking anymore and only rated for 350 ;)
Triple pressure switch seems to work fine still but can't really get to the thermistor under the dash without major surgery, so am hopin a better OBDII reader might help to do it over the ECU.
Leaves then basically only the TX valve as a possible source for the troubles or a real blockage somewhere.
But since the system equalises out within 3 minutes once the compressor is off I tend to thin the valve is still working within specs.

Will report back once I have the old condenser out and the dryer cut open to check the condition of the desicant.
Hoping to not find the slimy stuff indicating the system had a leak for far too long....

Re: Hyundai Getz aircon troubles

Posted: Mon Dec 20, 2021 6:51 am
by liquidhandwash
I hope you're not paying too much for that R290 did you look at the datasheet? a can should cost you a $1 or less. ... ropane.pdf

Re: Hyundai Getz aircon troubles

Posted: Mon Dec 20, 2021 7:28 am
by Downunder35m
If you won't tell anyone....
My R290 has a slight smell to it and comes in 9kg bottles from a local store that operates AU wide and also has a nice gardening section ;)

Bought a small R290 cylinder a few years back but once it went out of date I just made an adapter for the smelly R290 ;)

Re: Hyundai Getz aircon troubles

Posted: Wed Dec 22, 2021 7:11 am
by Downunder35m
I shouldn't rush things....
Thought I take the condesner out to check the desicant bag and whether or not it already leaked goo.
Turns out my quick and easy fix won't be easy at all on this crappy, old model.
Radiator and fan has to go out.
Means battery, air box and some other parts need to get out as well.

For the TX valve I thought things are better but turns out my tools are not able to get the botls as the engine block is in the way.
Need to sacrifice some allan key and cut them shorter.
And well, if the bad already leaked I won't have to bother fixing it because I can't get the evaporator out to flush the system LOL
Cheap, little cars always bit you back one day....

Re: Hyundai Getz aircon troubles

Posted: Thu Dec 23, 2021 10:43 am
by liquidhandwash
The mechanic's joke is that when these cars start on the production line the first part they put on the line, is the heater core.

Re: Hyundai Getz aircon troubles

Posted: Mon Dec 27, 2021 8:07 am
by Downunder35m
Had a lucky boxing day find.
Brand new TX valve for 100 bucks cheaper than list price, couldn't resist ....
Now waiting for the delivery of the new seals and the valve.
Not having high hopes though that they will be here before the hot weather arrives for the weekend :(

Re: Hyundai Getz aircon troubles

Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2022 8:23 am
by Downunder35m
Well, I wanted to post my progress for a while now....
But turns out my order for the valve is still not being processed :(
Contacted the shop a few times and every time I was promised they will get right into it and prioritse things for me.

Today I decided to do an extra 20km after work to get to the store that the support claimed has my valve and that will also ship the rest of the order.
Actually thought it would be as easy as showing them the print out for my order and to pick the things up.
And in hindsight, despite me still fuming here, I decided to post is as some might pee themself laughing....

Of course the nice girl at the register had no clue about anything in regards to online ordes.
But she was nice enough to call for the store manager for me.
"We don't do any online orders, those are all done in the warehouse." he said....
So I showed him the emails from their support clearly stating that all my parts are in his store and awataing processing.
Now the parts manager got called in as well.
Imagine my surprise in a fully computerised store once he was told about my problem.
"Let me grab my folder....."

At this point I started to struggle staying calm and polite....
But working for a few hours per shift in a dementia ward really helps to improve your skills....
After going through his "folder" - a loose stack of pages, he went back to his computer.
The manager was clearly getting a bit, let's say agitated by this but did not say anything with standing there.
But if staring at you could make you bleed the pars manager would have not survived the day.
After an endless 18 minutes he was ready to "reveal his findings" - he really used those exact words - Whiskey Tango Foxtrott !!??
Please make a run for the loo and then sit down.....
My order was assigned to THIS store because it was the only one in all of AU that still had this valve in stock.
The LAST freaking one!
And so the good guy marked the order as "being processed" in the computer after checking they really have it.
But the acrcylic polish that was on special for a 200g tub was not available.
As a result they ordered a tub from another store.
In the meantime though someone walked in the store and bought MY valve.
When the polishing pasted arrived in store three days later and the parts manager wanted to pack my order he noticed the lack of valves.
Of course he did not see necessary to change the order status to unavailable or to at least provide a note so I get informed.
I asked if I could use their toilet....
Ten or so minutes of swearing and worse later I was ready to check what the store manager came up with.
Asked as polite as I could to get a refund so I could try to find what I need in a different auto parts chain....
Saw no point in getting the rest if the price is the same everywhere anyway.
I lost it a bit when I was informed that they can give me a refund for an online order as those are all porcessed by head office but not the individual stores or warehouses.

When I got home I wrote another Email to the support team highlighting my personal check on what happened to my order.
You know, the thing they should have done over two weeks ago.
I am sitting here now trying to contain myself after reading their reply.
With no regards to the previous Email exchanges I got a short reply that looked rather automated.
..... We are happy to provide you with a refund for change of mind as your order was not shipped yet.
Please contact our support team on (phone number), state your order number and that you request a refund.
You can choose between store credit or having the paid amount transfered to you online account for use in any of our stores.
If you prefer a gift then please order one of the same amount of you order and in the ckeackout simply select STORE CREDIT.

I mean.... REALLY ?????
Only in Australia, the world largest service desert LOOOOOOL
And now we have empty supermarkets, exploding Covid case numbers and nothing is really moving anywhere .....
I guess by the time I can finally start fixing this aircon the summer will be over :(
Now willing to pay an arm and a leg for a dead simple mechanical valve....

Re: Hyundai Getz aircon troubles

Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2022 11:39 pm
by liquidhandwash
I'll let you in on a little secret, I never buy any auto parts from Australia unless I absolutely have no other options, tyres for example.
Have a look at rock just do your research about what the model name is in the USA, your car might just have a dodge badge in the US.
The last thing I got from them was a box of oil filters for $3 each, they were AC Delco made in the US and to 5 days to get here. I have seen oil filters for $1.10 on their site, shocks for $20, mufflers for $25. Is this the valve you need?