Custom venting solution for hooded resin printers

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Custom venting solution for hooded resin printers

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Resin printers seem to soon replace the filament models for many printing tasks.
Time to consider the many hobby level models out there for some improvements.

A big downside of most available resins is the odour and with that also some health risks.
water based resins and plant based ingredients already exist but often costly and with less overall quality reasults in terms of stability and taking on moisture.

Right now we have to common types of resin printer, the ones with a door and the ones with a hood.
My suggested mod might work well for the door ones as well but only if those areas are porperly sealed - or sealable.

From what I found on the internet the best solution claims to be a dedicated room or least cabinet/chamber for the printer - with plenty of forced ventilation...
Now, I am in an area where the summers get be damn hot and during the rest of the years the weather can be miserable.
Having a big fan removing all the nice air to replace it one way or another with what is outside does not sound tempting to me.
Uinsing outside air to begin with means you have to deal with moisture in the evening or a rainy day and way too much heat during the summer.
Why not go simple, small and cheap instead for once?

A hooded printer offers the neat option to use "door brroms" for draught proofing around the hood.
Like a bristle guide with some bad sealing ability - mainly so to keep dust and fine particles out.
Most printers that I have seen have the vents in easy to access areas.
Some do have a vented bottom but that should not be a problem here.
A box big enough to allow access to all vital things like USB ports and switches and high enough to go just over the bottom of the hood is required.
For those models with a lot of things on the sides you can use hinges to fold open the entire thing ;)
These foam strips for your windows and doors offer enough flex and sealing so you can just rest it on a flat surface.
To keep the touchscreen active some precision is required and a usable thin plastic film on the vent housing, but most can be done through the app or laptop anyway.

As for the actual venting:
Every printer has at least one active outlet.
That means the airflow inside is optimised for this system.
With the bristeles around the hood we already have a reasonable air flow but since the internal fan is only designed to deal with theat but not possible fumes...
A bit of flexible hose for air ducts with an infline fan does the trick - just select a fan that can be controlled in speed as you won't need all the power.
If in doubt one or two salvaged PC fans will do the trick as well.
If the printer has air inlets not just at the bottom but also on at least one side consider added a vent holes with air filer screen on that side of your filter housing.

Why not just use a cabinet?
Unless you make it flodable you still struggle with the access.
Plus: it is a lot more work, cost much more and you need to work much harder to seal it properly - unless of course you use way more airflow...
Once you take the print off a chamber won't help you much either, so having the wash bucket close by is best anyway if you ask me.
I am wondering though if grow tents of suitable size would be available.....
Will have to look into this I guess....
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